5 Essential Artificial Turf Accessories

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Low maintenance doesn’t mean no maintenance when it comes to artificial turf. Just because you stopped mowing and watering doesn’t mean you stopped working on the turf. It’s just much less work and doesn’t take much time. To keep your artificial turf looking great for years, here are 5 essential turf accessories everyone with artificial turf needs.

artifical turf accessories - Wonder Edge and turf nails on compacted base soil

Turf Nails Hold Edging in Place

Wonder Edge

You want to keep that new turf looking neat and fresh, right? Your turf won’t look top-notch if the edging is slowly creeping away.

Avoid edge creep with Wonder Edge artificial turf edging. Unlike bender board, which requires digging and trenching, Wonder Edge nails in place before the turf is installed.

Simply rough cut the edge, tuck in place, and nail the turf down. When it comes to turf accessories, this is the one accessory you must have before installation.

fall leaves

Leaf Blower

Once the turf is installed, you’ll want to keep it free from debris. An electric leaf blower works great.

There’s no need to invest in a loud leaf blower with a gas engine. Those leaf blowers create odors, and noise, and weigh a ton.

That leaf blower comes in handy in cleaning up leaves, twigs, dust, and small debris.

An electric leaf blower is an inexpensive turf accessory that you can use to keep sidewalks clear too.

Using a leaf blower beats pushing a mower any day!

turf accessories - turf broom showing yellow bristles spread on beige brick

Turf Broom

Over time, the blades of your artificial turf become flattened by foot traffic. The sand infill shifts and creates clumps and divots.

A turf broom lifts artificial turf blades and restores that new turf look.

The brushing action from a turf broom also redistributes the infill as it picks up the blades.  Figure on sweeping your turf about once a month. Each time you use the broom, brush or sweep in a different direction for best results.

Turf Cleaner and Deodorizer

Even if you don’t have pets, your artificial turf may need occasional cleaning and deodorizing. The neighbor’s cat may mistake your gorgeous artificial turf for a cat box. Or, a squirrel can make the same mistake.

If your turf serves as a pet lawn, pick up solid waste immediately and hose down urine as soon as possible.

If food or beverages are spilled, use a spatula to remove the solids and water to dilute the liquids. Often a bit of mild dish soap is all you need to keep the turf clean.

However, if pet soil is frequent clean with an enzematic-enhanced solution. Sheiner’s Pet Stain and Odor Remover is safe for your pet and your artificial turf. But Simple Green or any of the other enzyme products will work to remove the odor.

Garden Hose

The most useful turf accessory you will ever own (next to the Wonder Edge) is a simple garden hose with a spray attachment.

Use the nozzle to gently rinse away dust and pollen from neighboring yards. Hose down spills after a party.

Get rid of animal urine and smells with a simple stream of water.

Spray your turf clean and allow to dry before using your turf broom.

Where to Buy Turf Accessories

Ready to buy artificial turf accessories? Your artificial turf supply house should have all the turf accessories you need to keep your artificial lawn in tiptop shape.

If they don’t have what you want, ask them to order it for you. Most suppliers will be happy to get any product you need.

If not, then there’s the internet. After all, that’s where you’re currently reading this article!


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