5 Fake Grass Accessories for a Beautiful Install

pet turf with black pet turf perimeter
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Fake grass offers an option for homeowners, businesses, and sports facilities that don’t want the hassle of caring for natural turf. It provides a low-maintenance, eco-friendly alternative to watering, fertilizing, weeding, and mowing. However, to ensure a successful installation, you need the right accessories. Check out these fake grass accessories every installer needs for a beautiful and lasting install.

#1 Drainage Correction Products

Proper drainage is important for fake grass installations. If drainage can’t be corrected with grading, you’ll need a drainage system. This helps prevent water from pooling on the surface of the fake grass. Ponding water damages artificial turf and reduces the lifespan of the installation. Correct drainage problems with a permeable subfloor or a special drainage system.

#2 Infill

Infill occupies the spaces between the fibers to provide cushioning and stability. You need infill to keep the fake grass fibers upright and prevent them from matting. Infill helps create a more natural look and feel to a clearly synthetic product. Options range from silica sand, crumb rubber, and cork. The type of infill you pick depends on your use case and budget.

fake grass accessories - tube of seam glue #3 Seam Tape and Adhesive

Seam tape joins pieces of fake grass together. It is a strong, adhesive-backed tape that is placed on the underside of the fake grass. Seam tape creates a seamless appearance and keeps the fake grass sections from shifting or separating.

Adhesive secures the fake grass to the subfloor or fortifies seam tape. This high-strength glue goes on the edges of the fake grass at the seams. Adhesive helps keep the fake grass in place and prevents it from shifting or bunching up.

#4 Turf Nails or Turf Staples

Turf staples and nails secure the fake grass to the subfloor. These fasteners hammer into the ground, holding the fake grass in place. Turf nails and staples are especially important for installations subject to high winds or heavy foot traffic.

fake grass accessories - edging on lawn# 5 Wonder Edge Edging

Holding the edges of fake grass in place is essential for a long-lasting installation. In addition, the fake turf edges aren’t exactly attractive. Edging is essential.

Wonder Edge fake grass edging creates a clean transition between the turf and adjoining surfaces. All you see is a smooth, clean line. Unlike other synthetic turf edging products, Wonder Edge goes down before the turf and requires no digging or trenching.

All fake grass accessories should be this easy to use!

Keep Fake Grass Accessories Handy

You’ll find your accessories sold where you buy your turf. Get your accessories at the same time as you purchase turf, so you’ll have everything you need for a speedy install. Pro installers keep fake grass accessories such as infill, seam tape, adhesive, turf staples, turf nails, Wonder Edge, weed barriers, and drainage systems on hand. Follow their lead and you too can create a beautiful, long-lasting fake grass lawn, pet lawn, or putting green.




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