7 Synthetic Turf Accessories for Efficient DIY Install

installing artificial turf
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Synthetic turf is popular because of its low maintenance requirements. Today’s artificial turf even gives spaces the realistic look and feel of natural grass.  However, installing synthetic turf can be challenging and time-consuming for DIY’ers, especially if you lack the right accessories. To make the job easier, use these 7 synthetic turf accessories to make installing turf easier and more efficient.

Turf Cutter

The first step in installing synthetic turf is to prepare the ground by removing any existing grass or weeds. Talk about a time-consuming and physically demanding task! Don’t even try to do this by hand. A turf cutter makes this process much easier. This essential accessory comes in manual and powered versions. Use a turf cutter to remove existing grass and weeds quickly and easily, leaving a clean and level surface for your turf.

Turf Rake

Once you’ve removed the existing grass and weeds, prepare the surface by raking it to create a smooth and even surface. A turf rake is an essential accessory for this step in the process. Turf rakes are designed to be used on soil, sand, or crushed stone, and they allow you to easily create a smooth and level surface for turf installation.

prepared based and atificial turf border before turf goes down

Wonder Edge goes down before the turf

Wonder Edge

That synthetic turf needs a transition from the turf edge to the adjacent area. That adjacent area could be a tree well, a flower bed, a walkway or driveway, or a street. You need synthetic turf edging to create a smooth edge and hold the turf in place. Wonder Edge nails down before you lay the turf. It doesn’t require digging or trenching, so this is one synthetic turf accessory that cuts installation time considerably.

Turf Seam Tape

When installing synthetic turf, it’s important to create a seamless and secure bond between the individual turf sections. Turf seam tape is a must-have accessory for joining. Turf seam tape is a double-sided adhesive tape designed specifically for installing synthetic turf. It allows you to join individual pieces of turf together easily and securely, creating a seamless and professional-looking surface. No one will ever know this was a DIY job!

Turf Nails

Turf nails are another essential accessory for installing synthetic turf. Use turf nails to secure your Wonder Edge to the ground and then nail the turf in so it doesn’t shift or lift over time. Avoid turf nails made from galvanized steel. The galvanizing may prevent rusting, but that rusting process actually helps further secure the turf to the ground. Crazy right?

Turf Adhesive

In addition to using turf nails and turf seam tape, you may also want to use a turf adhesive to further secure the edges of the turf. This special glue is designed specifically for use with synthetic turf. Think of this turf accessory as a little insurance that prevents shifting or lifting over time.

Turf Infill

Turf infill is another accessory that can make installing synthetic turf easier and more efficient. Turf infill fills the gaps between the individual fibers of the turf. This helps to create a more realistic and natural-looking surface, and it also helps to prevent the turf from matting down over time.

Even the pets jump for joy when you use these 7 turf accessories

Save Time and Effort With the Right Synthetic Turf Accessories On the Job

A DIY fake turf installation project need not be challenging, backbreaking, or time-consuming if you have the right accessories on hand. Turf cutters, turf rakes, Wonder Edge turf edging, turf seam tape, turf nails, turf adhesive, and turf infill are all essential accessories to make the installation easier. Your DIY skills and these accessories will create a professional-looking and long-lasting synthetic turf surface that

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