Q: How do you secure Wonder Edge to the ground?

A: Using the nail spikes you have on hand for the turf, simply set the edge by hammering the nail spikes through the holes on the ground pads on the Wonder Edge. You only need to do this every 2-3 feet. Then, when you secure the turf edge, come back with nails every 3-4 inches.

Q: Can you use Wonder Edge on hard floors like concrete, decks, asphalt?

A: Yes, you can install Wonder Edge Standard or LP by using an adhesive or epoxy to glue the edger down to the floor. If needed, concrete screws or nails can be used as well.

Q: Is Wonder Edge ADA compliant for accessibility needs?

A: Yes, the Wonder Edge LP version qualifies for access under the ADA Act. Please click here for more information.

Q: How tight a radius can you achieve using Wonder Edge?

A: Wonder Edge Standard can reasonably achieve a 4 ft diameter circle, like a larger tree well. It is possible to get to a tighter radius but this should be done on a hot day or with a heat gun/blow dryer to generate more flexibility. Wondering Edge LP can achieve a 2 foot diameter and we would encourage using this version for tight radius situations like tree wells, etc.

Q: In what lengths does Wonder Edge come?

A: 8 foot lengths.

Q: What does Wonder Edge use to keep the pieces aligned?

A: There is an internal connector that is sold and shipped with each piece, that keep the units aligned smoothly.

Q: What colors does Wonder Edge come in?

A: Brown, Black and Green.

Q: Where can I find Wonder Edge?

A: Please see our locations page. If there is no dealer present in your area, wed be happy to ship product direct.


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