ADA Compliant Synthetic Turf Supplies

brown fake grass edging around a tree well filled with white marble chips
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Installing synthetic turf in commercial or residential common areas requires special consideration. Private residences avoid the obligation to comply with Americans with Disability Act (ADA) requirements. Public areas of commercial buildings or multi-family residences aren’t as lucky.  If you’re installing synthetic turf in these instances, you’ll need synthetic turf supplies that meet ADA requirements.

What is the ADA?

The ADA promotes equal access and eliminates discrimination against people with disabilities. The ADA provides guidelines for commercial and public spaces, including outdoor spaces, to ensure that people with disabilities can navigate these with ease. It does not apply to privately-owned single-family dwellings.

If you are using synthetic turf in common areas, you must comply with ADA guidelines to ensure that the space promotes inclusivity and accessibility. Keep these in mind as you design, source materials, and install the turf.

What Synthetic Turf Supplies Offer Compliance?

When it comes to synthetic turf supplies, particularly turf edging, specific features and characteristics contribute to ADA compliance. Wonder Edge offers synthetic turf edging in a low-profile option that meets ADA guidelines. This innovative turf edging system provides a seamless transition between the turf and other surfaces, ensuring the turf-covered area is a safe and accessible environment.

side view Wonder Edge synthetic turf supplies ADA compliance for transition edgingWonder Edge low-profile synthetic grass edging is only ¼” high. Changes in vertical height of 6 mm or less (that’s ¼ inch here in the US) don’t require special edge treatment.

So, install the turf, tuck the edge into the Wonder Edge slot, nail in place, and you’re compliant in regards to transition.  Read the entire Technical Bulletin.

artificial turf supplies the look of grass without the maintenanceOther Uses for Low-Profile Synthetic Turf Edging

Wonder Edge low-profile synthetic turf edging offers ADA compliance and much more. Use it in hardscape installations to create clean and defined boundaries between different areas.  Install the edging on hardscape surfaces with epoxy, adhesive, or concrete screws.

Use Wonder Edge low-profile turf edging to create edges for tree wells. It offers superior flexibility, so you can handle areas with a tight radius with ease. It bends better than bender board and requires no trenching or digging. So there’s that too!

Where to Get ADA-Compliant Turf Edging

Buy your Wonder Edge ADA-compliant synthetic turf edging wherever you get your other synthetic turf supplies.

If your supplier doesn’t carry Wonder Edge, order Wonder Edge low profile online.

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