How An Artificial Lawn Supplies Green While Saving Money

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This article was originally published January 8, 2020. It has been updated and republished to reflect current information.

Most people know that an artificial lawn supplies green in areas where natural grass doesn’t thrive. Shady and arid areas lack the environment natural turf needs. But did you know that even in areas where grass grows, artificial grass offers a budget-friendly alternative? Now is the time to reconsider artificial grass for turf replacement.

artificial lawn supplies curb appeal to commercial areas

Artificial Lawn Supplies Natural-Looking Green

Artificial grass has come a long way since the original Astroturf of the 60s. Today’s turf looks more natural than ever before. Newer artificial lawn turf also offers more resilient options than prior iterations.

Newer technology results in an improved blade structure as well as better turf backing. Modern artificial lawn material now offers antimicrobial and antibacterial treatments to control odor. Houston, that’s one giant leap forward for pet lawns.

In commercial applications, artificial grass supplies green to swales, parking lot islands, and curbside easements. The natural green color is appealing to street traffic and increases the property’s curb appeal.

DIY putting green and golf balls

Artificial lawn supplies a perfect putting practice surface

A backyard putting green made of regular residential-type natural turf isn’t practical. Artificial grass supplies the putting service you need for practicing your short game.

Artificial Lawn Supplies Low Maintenance Alternative

Want the look of green but don’t want to spend money on maintenance? Look to artificial lawn turf. Save money on the cost of mowing, fertilizing, treating for insects, and water. If established natural turf requires at least 1″ of water a week, just the cost of watering adds up quickly. An artificial lawn supplies beautiful green areas without a drop of irrigation. That’s a real money saver, especially in areas where water is scarce and costs are high.

Artificial lawns lay out an eyeful of green while saving you a fist full of green at the same time. Caring for artificial turf is easy. Occasionally brush to restore crushed blades. Use a brush with artificial bristles. A metal bristle brush weakens the blades. Hose turf down if you have spills or “presents” from your pet. If you are in a particularly arid area, dust accumulates on your lawn surface. Blow it off with a leaf blower or just hose it down. Every few years, restoring with additional fill might be required.

With regular maintenance, you can expect your artificial lawn to last 15 to 25 years. Can you imagine grass lasting that long? And you’ll never pay a dime to have to mow.

fake grass accessories hold turf in place

Preventing Artificial Lawn Creep

Your artificial lawn isn’t going to sprout legs (pun intended) and walk off, but if it isn’t edged properly the subsurface can shift, erode, and cause bunching and an uneven appearance. The most common cause of artificial grass failure begins with the end(s). Proper edging does more than provide a transition between surfaces. It maintains the integrity of the base and turf upon which it is installed.

Edge creep happens when bender board falls because its trench isn’t deep enough.

Edge creep leads to failure

Just look above and you’ll see what happens when edges creep. This installation requires immediate action before the base and turf wash away.

Install an artificial lawn with Wonder Edge and never worry about edge creep. Wonder Edge supplies a smooth finish and holds turf in place without the trenching and digging associated with bender board. It also supplies you a way to tuck in the rough-cut edges of your turf and nail it in place.

You’ll find Wonder Edge wherever you find artificial lawn supplies or you can buy Wonder Edge online.



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