Artificial Grass Border Creates Beautiful Tree Wells

line tree wells with Wonder Edge
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Installing artificial grass where there are living trees means you must come up with an installation that works for the artificial grass and the live trees.  The artificial grass installation requires a firm, well-compacted base and good drainage so the turf stays in place. The tree requires something totally different. It wants good soil, oxygen at its roots, and access to sunlight. You must plan the artificial grass installation carefully to allow some moisture to reach the roots without the ground staying overly wet. Too much moisture in the soil keeps oxygen from reaching the roots.  Wonder Edge artificial grass border creates a beautiful tree well that keeps the turf in place and provides an environment where the tree can thrive.

Tree Wells Are Crucial for Healthy Trees

Artificial grass does a bang-up job of suppressing weeds, but you don’t want to suppress the growth or the health of a tree. You want to promote the health of the tree. So, you must provide access to oxygen.

See, roots require oxygen to keep the tree healthy. Roots obtain oxygen from small cavities and holes in the soil. When the soil stays wet, it compacts, and oxygen isn’t available to the roots. Even when artificial grass isn’t installed close to the tree if the tree is in a low space that drains the tree may die from lack of oxygen and root rot.

Tree wells keep the tree healthy because they offer the environment the tree needs to thrive. A tree well is an opening in the artificial grass. A properly sized tree well equals the drip line of the tree. The length of the outermost branches defines the drip line.



As you prepare the ground for artificial grass installation, don’t compact the area within the dripline of the tree. Once the installation is complete, fill the tree well with 2 to 3 inches of mulch. Do not place mulch against the tree trunk.

The mulch-filled tree well allows some moisture to reach the roots, but because the soil isn’t compacted it will drain. A proper artificial grass border should outline the tree well to keep the mulch in place. The mulch inhibits weed growth in the tree well and helps the ground retain the right amount of moisture.

Wonder Edge brown artifical grass border outlining the tree well of a palm tree

Use Wonder Edge Artificial Grass Border to Edge Tree Wells

Because most trees are round, most tree wells are generally circle-shaped. Edging the artificial grass requires flexible edging that matches the curves of the tree well.

The artificial grass border must also hold the base in place. Otherwise, the base, the turf, and the edging all start creeping out of place. Your artificial grass border must be more than just a decorative element, it must work to keep your turf in place.  Otherwise, the entire installation fails through edge creep.

Artificial grass border in green outlining a tree well with a palm tree planted in it

Fortunately, Wonder Edge artificial grass border prevents this problem. As part of site preparation, nail Wonder Edge around the tree well before you unroll the turf.

Wonder Edge gives you the flexibility you need to conform to the shape of the tree well. It installs quickly too because it doesn’t require digging or trenching. Nail the Wonder Edge at the edge of the tree well, rough cut the artificial grass, and nail in place. Wonder Edge even provides a handy slot to tuck the edge in place for a clean, smooth line.

Once you nail the turf in place it stays in place. The tree is happy, and you are happy too.



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