Artificial Lawn Border for Hardscape Installation

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When you think about artificial lawns, you think about yards and swales. But artificial turf can be used for putting greens, common areas, pool decks, and pet lawns as well. Not all synthetic turf is installed on a bed of dirt. Some installations go on a hard surface. That’s a problem for traditional border like benderboard. But Wonder Edge is the artificial lawn border that has a hardscape option.

Hardscape Artificial Lawn Applications

As you can see above, artificial turf is easily installed on existing hardscapes. You can convert any hard, bare surface like concrete to a sea of green. And artificial turf will be cooler underfoot than bare cement. It’s  beautiful alternative, especially where salt water intrusion or salt water spray is present. Most natural turf isn’t salt-resistant. Artificial turf is.

What isn’t beautiful is a bare artificial lawn edge. Especially with hardscapes, you need a transition between the turf and the hardscape edge. Traditionally, you trench the edge of the turf and install the artificial lawn border. That’s not practical for hardscapes. You need a solution that finishes the edge and installs easily and practically. You need Wonder Edge.

artificial lawn border used in a hardscape to finish edges

Easy Install on Hard Surface

The artificial turf in the above installation brings a touch of green that turns this common area into an area with uncommon beauty. Who doesn’t want to linger here just a moment?

Imagine trying to get that clean edge on the artificial turf with benderboard. But Wonder Edge as the artificial lawn border provides a clean, curved edge and helps hold the turf in place.

Installation on a hardscape surface is easy. Just opt for the Wonder Edge LP for a low profile product that’s ADA compliant and ready for a glue-down install. It’s perfect for tight radius installations on hard or soft surfaces.

The glue down application makes it quick and easy to install and the artificial lawn border and artificial lawn both stay in place.

Wonder Edge artificial lawn border can be glued down to hardscapes

Absolutely Flexible Artificial Lawn Border

Wonder Edge is the most flexible artificial lawn border made. Bend, curve and flex Wonder Edge. It’s ready to take on the shape you want.

Use Wonder Edge on soft surfaces and hard surfaces.  Buy Wonder Edge in green, brown, and black.

Nail it down or glue it down.

Apply Wonder Edge around tree wells, walkways, pet lawns, and putting greens. Put Wonder Edge where ever you need a transition between artificial lawn turf and another surface. It’s clean and provides the finished look you want. it even had a channel you can use to tuck in the turf edge or hide wiring for lights. Now that’s true flexibility in an artificial turf border!

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