Artificial Lawn Supplies For a Speedy Install

artificial lawn supplies with brown edging between turf and red mulch
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If you are an artificial lawn professional, you know it takes longer to prepare a site for install than the actual install. More time means more labor and more labor just costs more money. How would you like to save time and money on every install? Using the right artificial lawn supplies can cut site preparation time down considerably.

This is not an efficient sod cutter

Preparing for the Edging

Some of the most back-breaking work associated with an artificial lawn install is trenching for the bender board edging.

Bender board is a popular edging because it is cheap.  But if you don’t take the time to install it correctly, it just causes problems and unhappy customers down the road.

But when you go with artificial lawn supplies like Wonder Edge for your edging, you get a proper installation every time. And you avoid problems and unhappy customers.

Sound too good to be true?

It isn’t.

installing edging for DIY putting green

No-Trench Artificial Lawn Supplies

Wonder Edge artificial lawn edging installs before you install the turf.

Because it requires no trenching and no digging, you cut the edging install time down by 90%.

Just nail the Wonder Edge in place along the perimeter of the install. Place Wonder Edge around your flower beds and tree wells too.

Use your regular turf nails to hold the Wonder Edge in place. Once your perimeter is edged, simply lay your artificial turf and make a rough cut on the edge.

Tuck the edge into the Wonder Edge and nail the turf in place.

Once the site is prepped, you’re ready to edge. Put away the pick and shovel and grab your hammer. That’s the only tool you need for installing turf with Wonder Edge.

artificial lawn border keeps turf in place

ADA Compliant Artificial Turf Supplies

Are you installing on a hardscape surface? Do you need an ADA-compliant product? Wonder Edge is a natural choice.

Wonder Edge LP installs onto hardscape with glue or nails down using regular turf nails. Either way, this option works well for tight radius applications.

Wonder Edge pieces connect with internal connectors included with every purchase. Wonder Edge LP pieces utilize a low-profile connector so you maintain ADA compliance while edging your turf and holding it in place.

No matter how deep you trench, you aren’t going to provide and maintain the profile necessary for accessibility compliance.

Wonder Edge goes down quickly with no digging

Time is Money

In the artificial turf business, you know the faster you install the sooner you get to the next job. That means you finish more jobs and generate more revenue and profit.

Make the install process easier on your crews so they create high-quality, finished edges with absolutely no digging and no trenching required. Crews spend 90% less time when they install Wonder Edge.

Maximize your labor while minimizing time spent on each install with Wonder Edge artificial turf edging.

Buy Wonder Edge where you get your other artificial turf supplies or order online. Either way, you’ll save time and money and make more profit on each install.


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