Artificial Lawn Supplies for An Easy Installation

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When picking artificial lawn supplies, you want products that make the job easy and are resilient, and stand up to the elements. Pick nails that work with you, not against you. Select edging that stays where you put it. Pick glue avoiding the sticky marketing messages. The best artificial lawn supplies used during installation pay a dividend over the life of the turf.

5 turf nails showing artificial lawn supplies to install turf

Courtesy: Global Syn Turf

Get the Best Nails

As early as the 13th century, German philosophers waxed poetic “The wise tell us that a nail keeps a shoe, a shoe a horse, a horse a man, a man a castle, that can fight.” It’s the origin of the proverb, “for want of a nail a kingdom was lost”.

Nails play an integral part in any turf installation. Pick the best turf nails for the job. Spiralized turf nails aren’t necessarily necessary.

A good 5″ or 6″ turf nail without or without spirals provides the starting point. Skip the galvanized nails. Contrary to popular belief, you want that nail to rust a bit. As the metal oxidizes, it will adhere better to the turf. Galvanized nails stay smooth and slick. You get no extra adhesion.

Thinking about staples? They might be okay for seaming.  But, when it comes to the outer perimeter, nails are the way to go.

Glue and Tape, Nails, or Double-Sided Tape?

Who knew seaming could be so controversial? For every installer, there is an opinion on the best way to seam artificial lawn turf. So, the artificial lawn supplies you order to execute your installation depend on your philosophy.

This UK company believes using tape is the best approach. Looks like it works great IF you are installing over hardscape.

But that’s rarely the case. Is it?

Sometimes, traditional seam tape and glue is the better option. And getting the right glue is important.

Match the turf to the adhesive. Don’t be afraid to ask the manufacturer what glue they recommend.

The consensus is, that nails aren’t the best choice for seaming.

Best Artificial Supplies for Edging

Wonder Edge makes picking your edging product easy. It stands head and shoulders above the competition.

It’s the no-dig, no trench, nail, cut-and-go alternative to bender board.

Before the turf goes down, nail Wonder Edge in place with turf nails. Lay turf, cut edges, tuck edge into Wonder Edge, and nail in place.

No digging and no trenching are required. Wonder Edge installs in 10% of the time of bender board.

Stop stressing and start edging with Wonder Edge. When it comes to artificial turf edging, it’s the best product in your arsenal.


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