Artificial Lawn Supplies for Fall Clean-Up

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An artificial lawn is pretty maintenance-free. But just like with natural grass, you need to do a little cleanup work in the Fall. Focus on the word “little” as there isn’t nearly as much work to do. So, grab your artificial lawn supplies and follow this checklist. You’ll be done in no time at all.

brown Wonder Edge artifical lawn  supplies a border against stepping stones and

Walk and Inspect

Practice a little management by walking around. Pay close attention to tree wells and artificial lawn borders. If your turf is edged with benderboard, you’ve always got the risk that the edging will come loose or the base will erode.

Of course, when you edge with Wonder Edge, your artificial lawn stays where you put it and the turf edges stay in place as well.

Check seams and nails as well. It pays to keep a small supply of these artificial lawn supplies on hand in case a repair is necessary.

artificial lawn supplies real looking turf in yard with tree well and patio with table and chairs

Clean Leaves and Large Debris

Get the leaf blower out and blow away leaves and debris from the surface of the turf.  Large branches from trees will need to be removed by hand, but smaller detritus can be easily handled by your leaf blower.

Once the debris is gone, check to see if the turf blades need cleaning. If you live in a particularly dry climate, dust collects on the blades.

Hose down the blades if the surface is dusty. You can use a mild detergent like Simple Green if the turf bears the beverage and food spills from summer bar-b-ques and backyard parties.

Rake and Restore

Over time, foot traffic compresses artificial turf blades. Fall is a great time to get out the rake and rake the turf.

While your neighbors are core aerating, you can simply rake blades back in place. If the infill needs replacing, this is the time to add additional sand.

Add Some Color

Grab a few pots of mums or ornamental peppers. The Fall colors will look great with the lush green of your artificial lawn.

Heck, since you don’t spend time feeding, watering, or mowing that turf you’ll have plenty of time to keep those potted plants watered. While you’re at it, grab a few more!

Enjoy the Green Your Carefree Artificial Lawn Supplies

Your work here is done!

Sit back, relax, and enjoy the beautiful green that your artificial lawn supplies all year long. While the neighbors are doing the fall fertilizing, aerating, and raking leaves you’ll be glad you invested in carefree artificial turf.


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