Artificial Lawn Supplies Green Where Grass Don’t Grow

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A beautiful, lush green lawn is everyone’s dream. But for some people, making that dream a reality is hard. If your climate, soil, or color of thumb prevent you from having a lush lawn, you may want to consider the alternative. No, not concrete or xeriscape. Consider artificial turn. An artificial lawn supplies green in places where growing grass is difficult.

artificial turf supplies care free green to common areas

Artificial Lawn Supplies Green Year Round

A yard of Kentucky bluegrass or turf-type fescue is beautiful. As long as it isn’t Summer or early Fall. Or late Spring for that matter either. Many of the fine bladed grasses grow in cooler weather. Once it gets hot forget about it!

But an artificial lawn supplies a consistent green color no matter the season. In the blistering heat of Summer, artificial turf keeps its green. When other grasses go dormant, artificial turf maintains consistency of height and thickness.

artificial lawn supplies curb appeal to commercial areas

Artificial Turf is Tough

Swales and tree lawns benefit from a bit of green, but maintaining grass here can be problematic. Exhaust chokes turf and these areas often don’t have access to water.

They need something tough. Like artificial turf.

You can’t trench artificial turf if someone accidentally goes off-road. Carbon monoxide from exhaust won’t stunt the growth.

Keeping the edges clean is easy. No edging or weed-eating necessary. Simply lay down Wonder Edge artificial turf edging before you lay the turf. There’s no need for trenching. Artificial turf is tough, putting down the edging shouldn’t be.

artifical turf supplies green in arid areas

Synthetic Grass Provides Easy Maintenance

Love being outdoors and enjoying the yard but don’t enjoy the hassle of lawn maintenance? Artificial turf supplies the perfect solution.

With synthetic grass you don’t worry about

  • watering
  • weeding
  • mulching
  • fertilizing
  • killing bugs
  • grass stains

So what do you worry about? Very little. Hose it down every once in awhile. If you have pets, remove solids upon deposit.

Get the leaf blower out every so often if you’ve got trees dropping leaves.

Once you install artificial turf, there’s not much work left to be done. Just enjoy.

Where Do You Get Started?

Is this sounding good to you? Then maybe its time to see what artificial turf can do for you.

If you don’t mind getting dirty, you may be able to do it yourself. Just check out a few Youtube videos.

If you want to hire a pro, start by talking to the artificial turf suppliers in the area. They have unique insight into the strengths and weaknesses of each company. Then get your quotes and get their references.

Make sure you specify Wonder Edge artificial turf edging to keep the artificial turf looking neat. It saves money because it installs fast. And because you don’t trench, it doesn’t creep.

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