Artificial Lawn Supplies Many Benefits

Wonder Edge brown artifical grass border outlining the tree well of a palm tree
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Fake grass sounds cheap and tacky. But an artificial lawn is anything but tacky. An artificial lawn supplies benefits to homeowners, property managers, and the planet. Here is a closer look at how an artificial lawn makes life better.

artificial lawn in Newport Coast supplies year around green

Year Around Appeal

Fescue grows in the cool weather. This grass looks great during the growing season that occurs in late fall and again in spring. During the heat of the summer, fescue cooks. It loses that lush green look that makes it popular.

St. Augustine grass wants temperatures of 80 to 100 degrees. It is summer grass. You enjoy great green color in the summer and spring. But St. Augustine dies back in winter.

Artificial grass supplies a lush carpet of green in every season. Don’t worry about the calendar when you have synthetic turf instead of living turf.

Enjoy year-round appeal from a lawn that looks good no matter the time of year.

artificial turf accessories include garden hose

No Watering and No Watering Fines

Natural turf requires water to live. An artificial lawn supplies beautiful green even in the deepest droughts. You don’t have to worry about the water bill because the only time you water the grass is to clean it off. And, when watering restrictions apply, your neighbors will worry about watering on the wrong day or time and incurring watering fines. And, their grass will look terrible.

But artificial turf looks lush and green without water. No moving sprinklers, holding the handheld sprayer, or setting timers on irrigation systems.

If the fake grass doubles as a pet lawn, you’ll need to hose it down to remove urine. But that takes minimal watering.

Never worry about an outrageous water bill from irrigating the grass either.

artificial lawn supplies green strip before tan steps

Eco-Friendly Option

Do you think of synthetic turf as eco-friendly? Your turf may not be real, but an artificial lawn supplies a very eco-friendly option to natural turf.

How can that be?

First, consider the resources required to keep natural turf growing and healthy. It needs water and because it is alive, it needs food. Food equals fertilizer. Often lawns receive fertilization from harmful chemicals. They leach into groundwater and that’s bad.

Next, think of the toxic approaches common to pest management. Pesticides and herbicides also pollute water and air.

Finally, consider the resources needed to turn the mower, edger, and blower. Whether gasoline or electricity powers the motor, it’s a use of non-renewable resources.

Wonder Edge versus EasyFlex lawn edging

Do It Your Self or Hire a Pro?

If you are handy and not afraid to work outside, a DIY approach may work for you. Look online at the different types of artificial turf and check out this list of artificial lawn supplies for a DIY install to get an idea of what is involved.

If outsourcing is more appealing, then interview a few pro installers and get quotes. No matter who you hire, make sure they use Wonder Edge instead of bender board to finish your lawn. It will install faster, look better, and last longer.

No matter who installs it, artificial lawn supplies benefits you want to enjoy.


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