Artificial Lawn Supplies Reduce Installation Time

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Using the right artificial lawn supplies cuts time to edge on a job by 90%. Artificial turf installers know labor is the greatest expense. You pay labor to prepare the surface, lay, seam, and edge the artificial turf. All those labor costs add up quickly. But Wonder Edge installs 90% faster than bender board so you save 90% of the labor costs

This is not an efficient sod cutter

Don’t Pay for Trenching

Bender board artificial lawn supplies edging requires shovels, picks, and labor to dig the installation trench.  Skip the trench and install Wonder Edge instead. Rely on Wonder Edge to be the most valuable artificial lawn accessory in your tool kit. Wonder Edge supplies a quick and easy edging alternative.

Bender board must stand one inch above the ground. This requires digging a ditch the height of the bender board plus one inch. Then it’s time to backfill. Artificial lawn failures often trace back to poor use of the right artificial lawn supplies during installation. Edge creep happens when the bender board trench isn’t at the proper depth.

Wonder Edge requires no trenching. So, crews work faster.

With Wonder Edge, surface prep takes more time than digging for bender board.

people preparing site with artificial lawn supplies

How to Install Wonder Edge

Install Wonder Edge before the turf.

First, prepare the base by cleaning, leveling, and compacting. Next, install Wonder Edge.

Use the connectors supplied and attach pieces of Wonder Edge.  Nail edging in place with turf nails.

Stretch turf to the Wonder Edge, stake it, and tuck the rough edge into the slot in the Wonder Edge.

Spend 10% of the time and get 100% better results.

Easy install artificial lawn supplies clean edge

Buy Wonder Edge Where You Buy Artificial Lawn Supplies

Find Wonder Edge at your local artificial lawn supply dealer.

If your supplier doesn’t sell Wonder Edge, ask them to order it. Then ask them why they want you to waste valuable labor time with bender board when Wonder Edge is so much better.

Or, just use the link and make an online Wonder Edge order.


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