Artificial Lawn Supplies Practical Solution for Problem Areas

synthetic turf supplies green in shady areas where grass doesn't grow
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Do you have one of those trouble spots where grass just doesn’t seem to grow? Every year you reseed, fertilize, water, and wait. And you wait some more. Maybe you get a few green spots, but they die back quickly. Stop making yourself crazy and wasting money on grass that won’t grow. An artificial lawn supplies beautiful green no matter the growing conditions. That’s what makes artificial grass a practical solution for shady areas.

artifical turf in the shade

An Artificial Lawn Doesn’t Compete for Water

Often shady areas are shady because of trees. Not only do trees offer a shady spot to rest and relax, but their greedy roots compete for water.

When you start new grass, those tender sprouts want as much water as possible to establish new leaves and roots. But, well-established roots grab water before the grass seedlings have a chance.

The roots of a tree extend out to the dripline or the width of the branches.

An artificial lawn supplies green without the need for water and it still allows oxygen to penetrate the soil underneath. Tree roots are happy because they get all the water so the tree is happy.

You’re happy because you don’t need to mow under the tree, risking root damage, and you don’t need to hassle with grass.

You win – the tree wins – everybody wins.

artificial turf supplies green in a heavy ahded area

This shady area is beautifully green thanks to artificial turf

Artificial Lawn Supplies Green with No Hassle

The wins just keep stacking up in favor of artificial turf. That’s because an artificial lawn supplies green to difficult spaces with no hassle.

Shady areas aren’t the only problem areas in the yard. If your soil is poor, you can spend untold time and money on grading, adding new high-quality topsoil, and mixing in compost all just in preparation for seeding or sodding.

Once you’ve got a little green, now you continually water, weed, and fertilize in hopes of growing only to be rewarded by the task of mowing and edging.

That’s quite a bit of hassle for just a little green to grow.

With fake grass, once you prepare the surface by removing rocks and smoothing and compacting the substrate layer, you outline the area with Wonder Edge and nail in place, lay and seam your turf, cut the edges, and nail in place.

a woman using a hose to clean synthetic turf

Ditch the Mower for a Hose

Forget the lawnmower and grab the garden hose. An artificial lawn supplies green without watering, just hose it down every once in a while if you live in a dusty area.

Ask yourself, would you rather mow or spray the grass down?

In the end, an artificial lawn supplies a practical solution for getting a little green in problem areas.

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