Artificial Turf Accessories for Pet Areas, Tree Wells, and Common Spaces

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Whether you are a homeowner taking care of your own pet area or a facility manager maintaining common spaces, you need artificial turf accessories that you can depend upon. Pick turf accessories that make the install easy and require no maintenance. Take a look at Wonder Edge.

turf accessories like Wonder Edge keep pet turf in place

Turf Accessories for Pet Areas

The two main turf accessories you need are a hose to clean the area and a turf edging that knows how to sit and stay.

That hose is essential for getting rid of urine and other debris. Just remove solid waste as it is deposited and then hose the area regularly to remove urine.

Dog urine kills grass. It doesn’t kill artificial turf. That’s one of the appeals of the product. Well, that and you don’t ever need to mow, water, or fertilize it.

But you do need to hose it down. Otherwise the urine promotes bacterial growth. That growth in turn promotes odor. Eww. So, hose the pet area down. If you want, you can sprinkle baking soda on the soiled area before you start to spray. Since you’ll do this often, invest in the large size.  Some people swear by vinegar, but you must be careful with vinegar as it is an acidic product.

If you don’t have a hose bib close to the pet area, either invest in an extra long hose to reach the pet walk or have a hose bib installed.

Use Wonder Edge turf edging to edge the area. It will sit and stay. While other artificial turf edging requires trenching and may cause turf edge creep over time, you nail Wonder Edge in place. And once it place, it stays.

line tree wells with Wonder Edge

Taking Care of Tree Wells

Tree wells need particular care. You’re tending to two different needs. First, the need of the tree to get moisture and oxygen to the roots and not compete with other plants for nutrients. Second, the need of the artificial turf to stay in place and hold the substrate in place as well.

The turf accessories you need are mulch and Wonder Edge.

Apply mulch generously to the tree well. Use rocks, rubber chips, or wood chips. Do not pile the mulch up the to trunk of the tree. Mulch applied at a 2″ to 3″ depth will keep weeds at bay. The tree won’t compete for nutrients and water will penetrate the soil. Mulch helps hold in that moisture as well.

Edge the tree well with Wonder Edge. Nail in place before you lay the turf and then cut the turf to fit. Tuck into the Wonder Edge slot and nail in place. The turf stays in place and the substrate will not erode or shift. That means the tree well stays intact and the turf doesn’t shift.

synthetic grass edging creates a line between turf and other surfaces

Artificial Turf Accessories for Common Spaces

Artificial turf is a property manager’s best friend. It never needs mowing or watering. You don’t fertilize or hassle with pest control.

The key supplies you need for common spaces are a leaf blower and Wonder Edge.

The Wonder Edge goes down before the turf is installed. Use it instead of bender board and you’ll be glad you did. No trenching and digging required. Just nail in place and install the turf.

The going forward, just walk through with the leaf blower to remove small twigs and leaves that may blow in.

How easy is that? No matter your artificial turf application, Wonder Edge is the essential turf accessory.


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