Artificial Turf Accessories to Finish Tree Wells

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When you install artificial turf in conjunction with live plant material, you’ve got to create an environment that’s best for both. The artificial turf needs a firm, well-compacted base that drains properly. The live plant material needs rich soil, oxygen, and sunlight. What live plants don’t want is an environment that keeps the roots wet and blocks oxygen from reaching the roots. Artificial turf accessories that delineate the two spaces and meet their needs keep the turf looking good and the plants growing.

picture of artificial turf, tree trunk, and artificial turf accessories like edging and sprinkler caps

Why You Need Tree Wells

If artificial turf stops weeds from growing, then why don’t you want artificial turf to go all the way up to the trunk of your tree?

Tree roots need oxygen to live. They get this oxygen from tiny spaces within the soil. Wet soil deprives roots of oxygen.  That’s why trees planted in low areas or spaces that drain poorly don’t thrive and may even die. The tiny little root cells die from lack of oxygen, and this can cause an entire root system to rot.

If you install your artificial turf all the way to the tree trunk, you’ll keep oxygen from reaching the roots.

Tree wells solve this problem. They are holes in the artificial turf that are approximately the same size as the drip line of the tree. The drip line is created by the outermost branches.

image of tree showing the drip line on the ground


When installing the artificial turf, you won’t disturb the tree if you stay away from the dripline. A tree well filled with 3 inches of mulch will keep weeds down and help retain the right amount of moisture. You don’t want to pout the mulch all the way up to the tree trunk, or you can promote rot or the growth of fungus.

fake grass accessories like borders keep edges looking clean

Wonder Edge Artificial Turf Accessories for Edging Tree Wells

Tree wells are usually round. They require flexible edging that can conform to any curve you need to complete the well.

They also require artificial turf edging that can hold the substrate in place. If the edging is merely decorative, you end up with edging creep. Once the edging creeps, the base can quickly erode.

Now, for the want of the right artificial turf accessories, the entire install is lost.

But not with Wonder Edge artificial turf edging. Simply nail Wonder Edge in place around your tree well before you lay the turf.

Wonder Edge requires no digging or trenching, it comes complete with connectors and offers you the flexibility to conform to any shape you need. Once the Wonder Edge is in place, you can rough cut your turf around the tree well, tuck it in place, and nail it down.

The turf stays put, the tree stays healthy, and everyone is happy with the installation.




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