Artificial Turf Accessories to Keep Your Lawn Cool and Comfortable this Summer

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Artificial turf requires little maintenance. But if you want your lawn, pet lawn, putting green, or common areas to look and feel their best this summer, the time to act is now. These fake turf accessories will keep your turf looking and feeling cool all summer long.

HydroChill turf accessories reduce the temperature of artificial turf

Chill Out with HydroChill

People in very hot climates often complain that their artificial turf gets uncomfortably hot. Research by Penn State University finds that artificial turf gets anywhere from 35 to 55 degrees hotter than natural grass. Natural grass rarely exceeds 100°F, but artificial turf may regularly do so.

Natural grass blades transpire. They release moisture into the atmosphere where it evaporates. Working just like a swamp cooler, this evaporative process reduces the temperature. As a result, natural grass keeps cool.

Synthetic grass doesn’t transpire. Instead, it heats up. If your artificial turf gets too hot in the summer, you need turf accessories that dial back the heat. So tell your turf to take a chill and apply HydroChill infill.

HydroChill™ infill coated sand results in a cooling of around 16oC – 28oC. Just add as you would normally add infill sand. Moisture from dew, rain, or the water hose gloms onto the coated sand and then slowly evaporates cooling the turf and the air.

Install Shade Sails

You may not think of shade sails as conventional turf accessories, but they perfectly accessorize any putting green or backyard sitting area.

Shade sails convert underutilized areas into a shady oasis.

Take a rooftop terrace, add artificial turf, and install a shade sail, and like magic, you’ve created a garden dining area that’s worthy of any pied de Terre.

This Kent apartment received a complete makeover. While you might not think of a rooftop as the natural place for artificial grass, it’s the perfect way to create your own secret garden.

But artificial turf on a rooftop might be uncomfortably hot. But installing a shade sail adds style and completes the design. Any time of day or night, this little hidden garden is ready for entertaining.

Wonder Edge Turf Accessories Provide a Cool, Finished Look

Do you know what’s not cool? An artificial turf that’s creeping away from the bender board edge or even worse, ragged rough turf edges.

So uncool.

But Wonder Edge provides a clean, crisp finished edge to your artificial turf. Now that’s one cool turf accessory.

wonder edge turf accessories finish the cup on a putting green

Putting greens are finished to perfection and pet lawns stay pretty with Wonder Edge. And you won’t lose your cool installing Wonder Edge turf accessories either.

There’s no digging or trenching involved with Wonder Edge. Just nail in place with your turf nails before the grass goes down. Then rough cut and tuck it in.

Now, kick back with a cool drink and admire that cool green grass that never needs mowing or fertilizing.

Yes, summer is good indeed.

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