Artificial Turf Border Performs on Command

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You need an artificial turf border for any turf application like a putting green, tree lawn, pet area or common area. But, not all artificial turf borders perform equally well. Go for the one that does what you tell it to do. Pick the border that performs on command.


Where do you think you are going? Don’t give turf the opportunity to slide. Use a turf border that will hold the artificial turf firmly in place. Most installs depend on the turf spikes to keep the turf from creeping away. Not a good look.

Wonder Edge artificial turf border conceals turf spikes and holds the turf securely. And it performs this duty all while delivering an attractive finished edge. While installing the turf, simply tuck the rough cut edge into the specially designed Wonder Edge turf slot.


Imagine that your puppy ripped up your entire artificial turf lawn while you were on the phone.  Ask Shannon. Her puppy tore up the entire artificial turf lawn while she was Snapchatting with a friend. Curious dogs like Bailey here want to know what’s under the turf. Not happy to give the entire turf surface a good sniff, he dug and chewed to get to the sub-base.

Some dogs just sniff, scratch or chew the edges. Either way, an artificial turf border says “No!” even when you aren’t there to give the command. Good for you, good for the dog and certainly good for the turf.


“Please run away from home” said no artificial turf owner ever. When you install turf, you want it to stay where you put it. This is doubly true for a turf install on a slope. You require a turf border that knows the lay down and stay command. When a sub-surface shifts, it can take your turf along for the ride. Use and artificial turf border and anchor the artificial grass material at both the top and the bottom of the slope. You need to anchor the sides too. A quality edging prevents edge creep and stops the turf from lifting, rolling, sliding downhill, or otherwise making a run for it.

flexible artificial turf border curves easily

Artificial Turf Border Goes Down Fast and Stays Down For Good

The best news about Wonder Edge is how fast it installs. And whether you are a DIY’er or contractor, fast is always good.

Wonder Edge keeps the turf where it belongs and keeps it out of the dog’s mouth.

You install the Wonder Edge artificial turf border without trenching. Install Wonder Edge on top of your sub base. Nail in place, rough cut the turf, then come back and tuck it in place and nail.

It performs on command. Turf stays put and looks fabulous.

Buy Wonder Edge where you buy turf or order online.

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