Artificial Turf Border Reduces Installation Time by 90%

low profile artificial grass border and soil
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As a professional in the artificial turf industry, you know that the most time-consuming part of any installation project is site prep and final edging. Heck, when it comes to installing artificial turf, laying and seaming the turf goes quickly. Wonder Edge can’t help getting that substrate perfect, but it perfectly speeds edging and finishing by 90%.

prepared based and atificial turf border before turf goes down

Wonder Edge goes down before the turf

A No Dig Artificial Turf Border

Edging requires little installation time. It’s the site preparation for edging that is time-consuming. For proper installation, the bender board should be trenched at least 6 inches. Digging that deep and narrow trench requires back-breaking labor with a shovel and pickaxe. Because it’s one of the last steps, workers are tired and ready to be finished. As a result, that trench is rarely deep enough. Eventually, the edge creeps and the installation fails.

On the other hand, Wonder Edge goes down BEFORE the turf. As soon as site prep is complete, nail Wonder Edge in place. Use the same turf nails you use to secure your turf.

Then simply lay and seam your artificial turf material. Rough cut the edge and tuck it into the special Wonder Edge slot. Nail turf in place and you are done.

Work Faster and More Efficiently

Get projects completed faster with less effort. You can perform more installs in the same amount of time and because you install faster you get paid faster.

Move from one job to the next knowing that whatever your artificial turf border needs, Wonder Edge has you covered. Whether you install turf on natural surfaces or hardscape, Wonder Edge makes an edging to make your job easier.

Artificial Turf Border Options

Wonder Edge offers low profile and traditional height edging. Both turf edging products are ready to nail down or glue down.

Wonder Edge Low Profile artificial turf edging is ADA compliant.

All products come with an internal connector and install in 10% of the time it takes to trench and install bender board.

Pick from black, brown, or green edging and give your clients a choice in edging. You can also offer a 15-year warranty, knowing that Wonder Edge stands behind every edging product they sell.


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