Artificial Turf Edging is Important – Here’s Why

synthetic turf supplies green in shady areas where grass doesn't grow
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The edge of your artificial turf is important. It’s how you differentiate a well-done installation from a job that’s done subpar. Just look at the seams and edges when want to gauge an installer’s skill set. When the artificial turf is install right, seams are invisible and edges are smooth. Because edges are important, the artificial turf edging you use is important too.

Securing and Beautifying the Installation

Artificial turf edging serves a dual purposes. Edging holds the turf in place as it secures the sub-base. It also gives a finished look to the artificial turf.

If the edging falls down on the job, the turf can literally fall down too. If this happens, the soil under the turf erodes. The turf can collapse. This exposes the nails or spikes used to hold the turf in place. Not only does it look a mess, it is a mess. The integrity of the turf has been breached.

artificial turf edging failure

Source Improper turf edging installation

As you can see, without a properly installed synthetic turf edging in place the turf around this tree well is a disaster. Not only does this look bad, it will only get worse.

When the artificial turf border is correctly installed the tree well will last for years without the sub soil eroding. Stakes stay in place, turf holds tight. Backfill doesn’t shift.

properly installed artificial turf edging

Proper artificial turf edging

Selecting the Right Artificial Turf Edging

If artificial turf edging is so important, it only makes sense you pick the right artificial turf edging.

Some flexible plastic edging won’t stay secure. As we’ve already seen, this causes soil erosion and eventual failure of the entire turf installation.

Benderboard has been the industry standard for years but it has real problems, starting with the necessity for trenching for installation. In the best soil it’s back breaking work. In poor soil, clay or rocky soil it can be almost impossible.

That’s why the best edging for artificial turf is staked with the same stakes you use to place the turf. That’s the edge for Wonder Edge.

Wonder Edge turf accessories incorporate channel for hiding landscape lighting

Just compact the base slightly beyond the turf line. Next, lay the Wonder Edge down and use connectors to connect each piece. Secure the edging and all that’s left is to nail the turf to the product. One nail holds both in place.

There’s even a slot for the rough cut edge. With this process, you can significantly cut down installation time. Finished edges look great to start and stay looking great for years to come.

Buy Wonder Edge online or buy where artificial turf is sold.

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