Cut Labor Costs with Efficient Artificial Lawn Supplies

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Labor makes up the largest slice of the operating costs pie for most synthetic turf installers. Your crews are your most expensive asset, and you should view their time as valuable. The more quickly and efficiently they operate, the more money you make. By utilizing efficient artificial lawn supplies, you expedite the installation process, enabling you to complete each job order more quickly. You move the crew to the next project faster.  Cut labor costs with Wonder Edge, the artificial lawn edging that installs 90% faster than bender board or other artificial turf edging supplies.

shovel in dirt

Ditch digging & trenching

The No Trench Edging Your Crews Will Love

Stop paying crews for trenching and excavating to install artificial lawn edging. Kick the bender board addiction and switch to the no-dig alternative: Wonder Edge. Wonder Edge offers your crews a way to edge the artificial turf quickly and simply.

With traditional bender board, crews spend an incredible amount of time and energy digging a trench just for the artificial turf supplies. Then, once the bender board goes down they must come back and backfill. Unfortunately, most crews never trench deep enough for the bender board edging to last over many years.

Shallow trenches lead to edges that fall and customers that get hopping mad.   With Wonder Edge, crews tack the edging in place before they ever install the turf! They use regular turf nails to hold it in place while the rest of the artificial lawn does down. Once the artificial lawn material goes into place, crews rough cut the turf edge, tuck it into the Wonder Edge slot, and nail everything into place.

It really is that simple.

Wonder Edge reduces edging effort by 90%. Most crew labor time goes into prepping and much less into trenching for edging.  Your crews save time and that saves you money.

artificial lawn supplies installation by man with straw hat bent over the turf

A sharp cutting edge really helps

Installing Wonder Edge Goes Fast

Once the substrate is cleaned, leveled, and compacted, it is time for Wonder Edge artificial lawn supplies. Yes – before the turf!

Flexible Wonder Edge LP follows the curves in your lawn design. Create tree wells with confidence that the Wonder Edge stays in place. Install ADA-compliant turf with ease.

Wonder Edge sections utilize simple connectors to link runs. Crews simply take turf stakes and drive them into the Wonder Edge holes.  Certainly, crews perform that task faster than trenching for bender board!

Next, crews lay the artificial turf, seam if necessary, and tuck the rough-cut edge into the Wonder Edge.

And there you have it—a flawlessly finished edge in roughly 90% of the time it takes to dig, install, stake, and backfill bender board.

artificial lawn supplies with brown edging between turf and red mulchFinding These Miracle Artificial Lawn Supplies

Ready to make the move to Wonder Edge so your crews work more efficiently?

Look for Wonder Edge where you buy your turf and supplies. If your supplier doesn’t carry Wonder Edge, ask them why they think your crews should work so hard!

You can always buy Wonder Edge directly from the manufacturer. Choose from multiple colors and edging for hardscape or traditional artificial turf installation.

Cut your labor costs with efficient artificial lawn supplies designed by an artificial turf installer just like you.




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