What Artificial Lawn Supplies Do You Need for a DIY Install?

synthetic turf and black synthetic turf edging and brown dirt
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Installing an artificial lawn requires the ability to do some manual labor, attention to detail, and serious preparation. Does this sound right up your alley? If you follow instructions well, you’ll find success with a DIY artificial lawn. If you like to wing it – find another DIY project around the house. Here are the artificial lawn supplies you will need to complete a DIY install. The artificial turf supplies remain the same whether you are creating a putting green, pet lawn, or backyard oasis.

yellow measuring tape on black backgroundPlan

Before the first shovel of dirt moves, plan your installation. Measure the turf area at least 2 times. This ensures you purchase the correct amount of turf material.

Remember to deduct turf material for tree wells but include that area when determining the quantity of edging and nails you will need.

Use graph paper to create your design and help with scale.

shovels and picks for preparing area for artificial turf

Supplies for Surface Preparation

Creating the perfect base for your turf ensures your surface drains well and offers a level walking surface.

You’ll need shovels, picks, a wheelbarrow, and a compactor. In addition, if the space is served by a lawn irrigation system, you’ll need plumbing supplies to cap off the sprinkler heads.

Site preparation includes removing grass, rocks, and topsoil. That’s where the shovels, picks, and wheelbarrows come in handy.  After the surface is clean, you’ll spread gravel to create a base. Rent a compactor to make compressing and compacting the base much easier.

installing artificial turf

A sharp cutting edge really helps

Supplies for Cutting

Think of laying artificial lawn material like laying carpet. You’ll need a sharp knife, scissors, a blade holder, and a single-edge razor blade to cut through the lawn material.

Whatever you decide to use, make sure it is sharp. Otherwise, you’ll end up with ragged, frayed edges. Clean edges make the job of piecing and edging so much easier.

Artificial Lawn Supplies for Seaming

Most likely, you’ll need to piece together several pieces of artificial lawn material. This requires glue and tape made specifically for artificial lawns.

Don’t scrimp. Buy quality seaming materials and take your time seaming. This ensures your seams hold tight for years to come.

Supplies to Secure the Turf

Artificial lawn material stays in place because it is held down by special nails.

Use nails at least 4” long and stay away from galvanized nails. The corrosion action actually helps the nails hold more firmly in place over the years.

Wonder Edge artificial lawn supplies edgingArtificial Lawn Supplies for Edging

You use different supplies for edging artificial turf than natural turf. Artificial lawn edging not only provides a clean finish and transition between spaces, but it also helps secure the turf.

The most common options are bender boards or Wonder Edge. Wonder Edge offers many advantages over bender board for DIY artificial grass installation projects.

Bender board requires digging a deep trench at the edge of the turf and then backfilling.  Wonder Edge nails in place at the exterior BEFORE the turf goes down. You then just rough cut the edges, tuck them into the Wonder Edge and nail them in place.

DIY or Pro?

If you are handy with rudimentary tools, can follow directions, and know how to pay attention to detail – you have what it takes to install artificial turf. It would help if you also had some muscle and the ability to work outside.

Otherwise, hire a professional to install your artificial turf.

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