Four Ways Wonder Edge Artificial Turf Edging Enhances the Look of Artificial Lawns

synthetic turf with brown synthetic turf edging and white gravel bed
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Fake lawn areas need a bit of extra help in making them look realistic and properly maintained. Wonder Edge artificial turf edging is a great choice for creating a defined perimeter for a fake lawn.

Here are four ways Wonder Edge artificial turf edging can help make a fake lawn look great.

brown artificial turf edging against tan tilesClean Lines

Wonder Edge artificial turf edging provides a clean and even border.

By providing a neat, consistent line along the perimeter of the lawn, Wonder Edge creates a visually pleasing and attractive line. The edging separates the lawn from any other hardscapes or landscaping elements.

Stable Edge

Another way Wonder Edge helps is by providing stability to the edge of the installation.

The edging helps to keep the fake turf in place, which helps to keep the lawn looking neat and the base intact. It eliminated edge creep, which eventually leads to the failure of the turf.

In addition, because the turf surface is stable, it does not shift or bunch. This reduces the wear and tear on the artificial turf.

green artificial turf edging lining a tree well with black mulchDecorative Touch

Wonder Edge does more than define the edge of pathways around the lawn.

Because the edging comes in a variety of colors and styles, it’s easy to find an option that complements the lawn and either blends in or contrasts with the surrounding environment.

Wonder Edge serves as more than an edge, it adds a finishing decorative touch to pathways or walkways around the perimeter of the fake turf area.

brilliant sunLong Lasting

Unlike bender board, which fades and cracks, Wonder Edge looks great for years.

The eco-friendly material used in construction resists damage from ultraviolet light. The color stays vibrant, and the edging stands up to sunlight and rain. You don’t worry about frayed or cracked edging.

Wonder Edge confidently backs each edging piece with a 15-year warranty. So, you know your putting green, pet lawn, tree lawn, or yard will look great for many years.

Wonder Edge Sample Pack includes different styles & colors

Find Wonder Edge Artificial Turf Edging

Find Wonder Edge artificial turf edging where you buy your other artificial turf installation supplies. If you are in California, the Desert Southwest, the Rockies, Texas, or South Florida there’s probably a dealer near you. Use our handy Wonder Edge dealer locator to find the closest seller.

Or, you can order Wonder Edge online 24/7 and have it shipped directly to you.



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