Best Artificial Lawn Border Options

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The best artificial lawn border materials don’t create a gap between the turf and the edging and hold the base in place. When comparing polyboard or bender board to Wonder Edge, Wonder Edge is the best option.

artificial lawn and artificial lawn border installed against cement and flower bed

Composite Plastic

Composite plastic artificial lawn borders stand up to the elements without rotting. Many companies use recycled plastic during the manufacturing process, so this makes this artificial lawn border material eco-friendly.

Most composite plastic lawn border materials won’t fade under ultraviolet light exposure. That’s a good thing because most artificial lawns are installed in places where sunlight is plentiful, but water is scarce.

brown artifical lawn border separating green turf from red mulch

Most Common Composite Plastic Artificial Lawn Borders

Synthetic grass borders made from composite plastics fall into two categories: flat boards and Wonder Edge.

bad synthetic turf supplies bad results and edge creep

Example of edge creep

The flat board (also referred to as polyboard or bender board) provides a flexible edging that matches the contours of the edges. Extensive labor goes into the proper installation of flat board edging. Unfortunately, most installers don’t do the job right. That means this edging frequently needs repairs.

Wonder Edge artificial lawn border offers a flexible edging option that is easy to install and doesn’t need repairs. No digging or trenching is necessary. Simply nail the edging in place.

Wonder Edge Doesn’t Gap or Creep

Nothing makes a client madder than gaps between the border and the turf. When subgrade materials loosen, gaps emerge. Let’s face it, that looks terrible. Some call it gaping edges and others call it edge creep. No matter what you call it, it is ugly.

artificial lawn supplies green strip before tan steps

Wonder Edge stays where you nail it down. Because it the turf attaches to the lawn border, it stays where you install it.

Other Edging Materials

Not all artificial turf borders consist of composite plastic. Metal and wood get much less frequent use. Metal rusts and that rust stains the lawn material. That’s a sub-optimal solution. Wood rots and won’t last as long as the turf.

Both of these turf edging options require digging, trenching, and backfilling to install properly.

Wonder Edge turf accessories incorporate channel for hiding landscape lighting

Wonder Edge for the Win

Wonder Edge makes the best artificial lawn border available. Get a border that is easy to install, won’t fail, and lasts for years. Wonder Edge looks great too.



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