Best Turf Accessories for a Quality Install

installing edging for DIY putting green supplies
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Once you’ve finished site prep, it’s time to focus on the install. Install your turf faster and with less hassle by assembling the best turf accessories for the job. Along with the right crew, you want the right materials and that includes your accessories. These get pros on to the next job faster and keep DIY’ers from quitting in frustration.

Picking Quality Seam Tape

Seam tape holds pieces of artificial turf together. Your roll of turf and your area won’t be the same size. Joining pieces of turf requires tape.

Using seam tape and glue is the most effective way to bind pieces of artificial turf together. Buy seam tape in rolls that range from 13 feet to over 600 feet.

Choose from polypropylene (PP) tape, PET tape, or nonwoven self-adhesive tape. Pros pick PP because it is inexpensive, and it works, especially for covering a football field or cricket pitch.

But, if you aren’t covering large areas, check out that multi-layer tape. You’ll get more strength and a faster install. And always look for tape that prevents glue from penetrating.

Don’t worry about the tape color. Black, grey, green and white tapes flood the market. But a proper seam hides from prying eyes. No one will ever see your seam.

essential turf accessories include glue to hold seam tape in place

Picking the Right Seam Glue

Seam tape needs a partner to do the job. And seam glue makes the perfect partner. Seam glues use chemical and mechanical processes to create a lasting bond. The chemical process attaches the fibers together with bonds that cannot be broken.

Simply first attach the seam tape and next put down your seam glue. Stay away from adhesives that are temperature sensitive. Picky glues abhor heat and must be kept cool. Activation times depend on relative humidity levels at the time of install.

If you install in dry desert-like climates, just mist the glue with water from a spray bottle. It beats sitting around waiting for non-existent humidity to activate the glue. In most temperate climates, the wait lasts no longer than 10 minutes or so.

unconventional turf accessories - use mallet to hammer turf nails in place - better than hammer

Tips on Turf Nails

Use turf nails to hold seams in place while the glue cures. Also, use 40D or 60D turf nails to hold turf edges down. Like all nails, turf nails measure by the penny.  Once upon a time, penny referred to the price for a hundred nails. The larger the nail, the higher the price. The “D” stands for a denarius, the Roman word for a penny coin.

40D nails measure 5 inches while 60D nails measure 6 inches.

Galvanized nails never rust. But sometimes you want a rusted nail. The rust acts as an additional bond to the substrate and holds turf in place even better.

Use one turf nail every two to three feet in the center and every three to six inches on the perimeter.

Use a smaller turf nail around the cups of a putting green. 10D nails measure 3″ and that’s the perfect size for cups. And because the 10D nail presents a smaller head, it’s easier to hide.

artifical turf accessories - edging and turf nails

Wonder Edge nails in place with no digging or trenching

Essential Turf Accessories for Finishing

Don’t call the install finished if the edges aren’t finished. And forget edging with bender board. Bender board requires trenching and digging and too much work.

Wonder Edge goes down fast and stays in place. You’ll find it easier to lay Wonder Edge and nail in place with turf nails than digging to bury bender board.

Once you’ve nailed Wonder Edge down, come back and rough cut the perimeter edges. Now tuck the edge into the Wonder Edge slot and nail in place.

How cool is that?

Get a premium-installed look in a fraction of the time. Forget about edge creep too. Wonder Edge stays in place.

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