Buying Artificial Lawn Supplies? Don’t Forget the Border

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Planning on that new artificial turf install? Whether it is a pet lawn, putting green, or just an easy-care patch of green you want, don’t forget the border when buying your artificial lawn supplies. Because the right artificial turf border makes all the difference.

The Wonder Edge Story

Meet Pat. Pat ran a prominent artificial landscape company in Southern California for many years.

lego warrior

One thing Pat didn’t have down pat was an optimal solution for artificial turf edging. Most places selling artificial lawn supplies suggested bender board for turf edging.

Yuck. It required lots of digging to create a good trench to install – and that’s hard work in Southern California. And bender board crept out of place over time.

Big work for little lasting results.

The Ah-Ha Moment

One day as Pat performed a final walkthrough, the client turned to him and said “Pat, what are we going to do about that edge? It just doesn’t look great.”

thinking out of the box

At that moment, Pat knew he must make artificial turf edging great again for this client and for every artificial turf installer facing the same problem.

All he needed was a turf edging that didn’t require digging, could be easily installed with turf nails and could hold artificial turf edges in place neatly and cleanly.

Really, all he needed to do was invent Wonder Edge, so he did.

artificial turf supplies the look of grass without the maintenance

The Birth of Wonder Edge

Wonder Edge supplied artificial lawns with a smooth, clean finish.

That’s because Pat designed Wonder Edge with a special slot with those rough-cut artificial turf edges in mind.

Not only does the slot hold the turf in place, but it also hides the rough-cut, leaving only the Wonder Edge edge visible.

artifical grass supplies border hold turf in place

Wonder Edge Low Profile

But wait! Like Paul Harvey always said, “This is the rest of the story”.

While Wonder Edge artificial turf border creates clean borders with ultraviolet-resistant plastics, sometimes you need a little extra flexibility.

Enter the Wonder Edge LP. This product provides the same benefits, but it features a low profile. The lower profile makes the product even more flexible. That comes in handy when you need a right radius around a tree well.

The lower profile also makes it ADA compliant. This Wonder Edge option allows you to install artificial grass over hardscape without worrying about the edges.

Just glue the Wonder Edge LP in place and forget about it.

line drawing for Wonder Edge artificial lawn supplies slot for turf edgeArtificial Lawn Supplies Stores or Online

So, know you know the story you know what artificial turf edging you are going to use. The only question is where are you going to buy it?

You can find Wonder Edge at the stores where you usually buy your artificial lawn supplies. If you don’t see it, ask them why they want you to work so hard.  Then go online and order Wonder Edge directly from the company.


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