DIY Putting Green Border Supplies Fast, Easy Installation

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Even when you DIY, time is money. Supplying your own sweat saves the labor cost when installing that putting green. Still, why work hard when you can work smart with your DIY putting green endeavor?   Also, while you want to save time, you don’t want to cut corners on quality. Wonder Edge provides the artificial turf border designed from the ground up (pun intended) for fast and easy installation.

DIY putting green border holds base in place at edge of white staircaseThe No-Trench Putting Green Border

Trenching for the border often requires back-breaking work. Especially if you live in areas where the ground is rocky. Imagine starting a trench in the granite or marble-rich areas of North Carolina or New York only to run into a huge boulder about 4 inches down. Now what?

It’s better to skip the trenching and opt for a border that doesn’t require digging. Wonder Edge putting green edging installs with the same turf spikes you use for the artificial turf. Simply nail the border down around the prepared base.  Opt for Wonder Edge over bender board and discover how much easier your DIY putting green project becomes!

finished photo of DIY putting green featuring 2 holesPutting Green on Hard Surface


Often, the ideal place for your DIY putting green is already covered in concrete. Installing Wonder Edge edging on a hard surface rivals installing the putting green turf when it comes to ease. Wonder Edge LP makes the perfect finishing touch to your hardscape DIY putting green project.

Glue the edging in place with an epoxy or other adhesive. You’ll enjoy a finished look and an ADA-compliant edge to boot!

Enjoy putting faster with Wonder Edge.

DIY putting green and golf ballsDIY Putting Green Edging Goes Down 90% Faster!

Artificial putting green pros across the U.S. know Wonder Edge goes down fast. When you skip digging and trenching, you only need 10% of the time required for a traditional bender board. Using the integrated slot to tuck in the turf edge makes the actual turf install go faster as well. Just rough cut and tuck.

Follow the lead of the pros and make your DIY project go faster with Wonder Edge.


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