DIY Putting Green Supplies 5 Big Benefits

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Does your putting game need improvement? Are you still fighting a push or pull on every putt? Then a DIY putting green supplies a great way to practice your putt and save money on lawn maintenance. Those are just a few benefits of an at-home putting green. Aside from saving money on a DIY install for your putting green, once it is in, you’ll immediately start to reap the benefits. Here are the top 5.

DIY putting green supplies a way to practice your putt in your backyard

Improve Your Putt

A DIY putting green supplies the perfect place to practice your putt. Because it is a DIY project, your green is just where you want it. You may need to drive to the driving range, but the putting course is conveniently in your backyard.

Pro golfer, Rickie Fowler, recommends you start by aiming the putter face precisely. He holds the putter with only one hand. The other hand doesn’t even touch the putter until the face is placed perfectly. This reduces tension in your hands and arms and reduces the chances you hit the turf on the backstroke.

Genius. Try it out on your newly installed putting green. It just may work for you!

wonder edge artificial turf accessories speed the install and get you on the course quickly

Supports Better Health

With a DIY putting green at the house, you’ll take more breaks. Practicing your putting gets you up and moving and that’s good for your health.

You’ll make a little Vitamin D in the sunshine, even if it is only a 15-minute break.

That’s good for your immune system.

And just the challenge of concentrating on your putt improves your mental health too.

Fun with Friends and Family

A DIY putting green supplies hours of entertainment with friends and family. Get together after dinner for dessert with a pudding and putting themed gathering.

Gather in the morning before work with a shorts and short game practice session.

Any time you get together, get together around the putting green.

synthetic turf supplies green without using pesticides

Saves the Planet

Artificial turf never requires mowing, that saves energy. You also never water fake grass and you’ll never need to fertilize your DIY putting green.

Insects take a pass on chewing fake grass.

Save time, energy, water, and materials on grass maintenance. Artificial turf supplies green in any season and offers an eco-friendly choice to traditional landscaping.

DIY putting green with 2 holes

Improve the Appearance of your Yard

That putting green appears lush and green all year long. Your backyard will be the source of envy of all the neighbors.

While they are mowing, watering, fertilizing, and killing bugs you’ll be practicing your putt or just sitting back and enjoying the lush color of your DIY putting green.

DIY Putting Green Supplies and Install Tips

Ready to grab the 5 great benefits supplied by a putting green at your house? Then follow these tips:

Site preparation is key. Don’t skimp on getting the site ready before the turf goes down. Take the time to compact your base completely.

Edging keeps the turf in place and looking tidy. Wonder Edge nails into place with regular turf nails. Place your Wonder Edge down before the turf goes in, then rough cut, tuck into the edging, and nail in place.

Keep a water hose handy. For maintenance, the water hose is the most vital of all DIY putting green supplies to have on hand. Hose down the turf to dilute animal urine and remove dust.


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