DIY Putting Green Supplies and Install Tips

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Ready to install a putting green at your house? An at-home putting green is a great way to improve your short game, get fresh air, make some natural Vitamin D, and relax with friends and family. Follow these installation tips and grab your DIY putting green supplies and you’ll enjoy the benefits of a DIY putting green in record time.

people preparing site for a DIY putting green

Site Prep is Essential

Sure, you are ready to quit prepping and start putting. But when it comes to a smooth and long-lasting DIY putting green, site preparation is key.

Don’t skimp on the time and effort required to get the site ready in anticipation of turf installation. Take the time to compact your base thoroughly.  Rent machine-powered equipment to aid in the process.

synthetic turf supplies green without using pesticides

Don’t Forget the Fringe

Did you consider how to transition your putting green to your natural grass? If the putting green doesn’t consume your entire yard, plan on creating a fringe.

This artificial turf is different from the putting green turf. It emulates the apron found on a golf course. The turf height is between the height of the green and the fairway.

With a backyard putting green, it creates a nice visual bridge between the artificial and natural turf.

If no natural turf will remain, forget the fringe. We promise not to tell.

Wonder Edge DIY putting green supplies in black showing installed on turf

Edge with Wonder Edge

Cut the amount of time it takes to install your DIY putting green by 90%. Use Wonder Edge artificial turf edging for your putting green. Putting green edging is essential. It keeps the turf in place and creates a neat and tidy edge. Wonder Edge nails into place using the same nails you use for the turf.

Simply outline the putting green perimeter with Wonder Edge and nail in place before laying the turf,  rough cut the edge, tuck the turf edge into the Wonder Edge slot, and nail in place.

Buy Wonder Edge where you get your putting green turf or order Wonder Edge turf edging online.

man with garden hose spraying water at tree

Handy DIY Putting Green Supplies

Keep a water hose handy. When it comes to day-to-day maintenance, the water hose is the most used of all DIY putting green supplies.

Hose down the turf to dilute animal urine and remove dust. A stream of water is all you need to wash away spills and most small debris.

artificial putting green rake from Amazon

Another maintenance tool is a turf rake made for synthetic turf (not a rake for real grass). An artificial turf rake will fluff up your turf and won’t cost you much green.  For less than $40 you can lift the turf’s blades that will eventually crush and compress from foot traffic.

With just a few supplies, you’ll enjoy the effort you put into your DIY putting green project for years to come.

A DIY putting green supplies hours of enjoyment and is a doable project for the homeowner with basic handyman skills.


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