DIY Putting Green Supplies Hours of Relaxation

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Ready to rip out the grass and go for the real green? The endless green of a backyard putting green that is! An at-home putting green supplies hours of entertainment. And if you are handy, it is an achievable do-it-yourself project. Just grab your putting grass and putting green supplies and get to it.

a putting green supplies fun in the backyard

Pick a Place

Step 1 of a DIY putting green starts with smart site selection. The flatter the terrain the better. Look for a slop of no more than 1% to 2%. You need some slope for drainage, but too much slope makes for major soil relocation. And, that’s major work.

Prepare the Surface

Surface preparation contributes the most manual labor of any part of this DIY process. Do yourself a favor and run down to the closest big box home improvement store and rent a sod cutter. If they don’t have one, go to an equipment rental store. A motorized sod cutter will make getting rid of the grass so much easier.

If you don’t use a sod cutter, grab your shovel and 3 close friends and start shoveling. Some people are not opposed to spraying down an herbicide and waiting a week for the grass to die. We don’t recommend it. Once slight breeze while you are spraying and suddenly you kill your prize roses or something in the neighbor’s yard.

Next, cap off any sprinkler heads if you have an irrigation system. Your beautiful new putting green supplies that natural green look without the need for irrigation.

Lay Your Gravel

Next, tamp down the base soil and add about 6″ of gravel. Some pros insist you use 8″ but 6 inches is all you really need. Don’t waste your money at the big box store buying bags of this gravel. There should be a landscape supply company in the area that sells gravel and mulch. Have them cover over and dump the amount you need. You’ll save a ton (pun intended).

Because that’s a substantial amount of gravel, its easiest to spread 2″ and tamp it down. Then come back and spread the next 2 inches and tamp it down. You will find it’s much easier to tamp and level 2 inches of gravel than trying to do all 6 inches at once.

The place you rented your sod cutter probably has a plate compactor that makes this part easier.

Wetting the surface down at this point helps compact the gravel and soil even further.

To Base or Not to Base

Many modern putting green systems have an optional base. This provides improved drainage and better grip for the turf.

Whether you install the base or not is up to you. Proponents of these base layers say you can get by with a thinner gravel level.

On the plus side, that’s less gravel to haul and tamp down. It’s less gravel to purchase as well. On the con side, the base layer adds to the cost and the additional cost will be more than the gravel.

You decide.

Wonder Edge putting green supplies edging

Install Your Perimeter

You’ve done enough hard digging. Install Wonder Edge as your perimeter edging. Wonder Edge provides putting greens a beautifully finished edge without digging.

While your putting green supplies the fun, the Wonder Edge will be hard at work keeping your turf in place.

Simply nail the Wonder Edge to the perimeter of your putting green, lay your turf, then rough cut and tuck the edge into the Wonder Edge slot.

Once you nail your turf in place, it stays in place with Wonder Edge.

DIY putting green with 2 holes

DIY Putting Green Supplies to Keep on Hand

You don’t need to mow or fertilize your putting green. But you will want a hose to rinse it down. A leaf blower is great for removing larger debris.

Make sure you set a chair close by so friends and family can watch you in action.

If they helped you with the install, maybe you’ll even let them have a turn practicing their chipping.

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