Easiest DIY Putting Green Edging

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Planning a DIY putting green project for your home in 2024? Successful DIY projects of all stripes begin with careful and detailed planning. You’ve researched the best turf, and the longest-lasting infill, and settled on a seaming method, but did you think about the edging for your DIY putting green?

Renting a power compacter saves time on site preparation, but don’t squander that precious time with a DIY putting green edging that takes hours of prep time. A power compacter tamps gravel down, but it can’t trench for bender board.

Instead, opt for a putting green edging that skips the digging and trenching and gets you putting faster. Opt for Wonder Edge.

Dig Less – Putt More

Traditional DIY putting green edging installs after the turf is seamed and laid. A deep trench goes around the edge of the artificial turf, bender board gets inserted, and then backfilling holds the bender board in place.

Man, that requires a ton of digging and trenching if you want to do it right. And if you don’t do it right, you’ll suffer edge creep pretty quickly.

The edging falls over and instead of putting you find yourself putting the edging back up.

No good.  Opt for Wonder Edge and you’ll spend less time digging and more time putting.

finished photo of DIY putting green featuring 2 holesFlexibility for Curves

“Gosh, I just love playing on a square golf course and putting on a perfectly rectangular green,” said no one ever.

The beauty of a DIY putting green lies in your ability to design it to fit your space.  So, don’t let working with an inflexible bender board scare you away from creating a DIY putting green with curves that emulate nature.

Wonder Edge bends to accommodate the curves in your design. And if additional flexibility becomes an issue in your design, opt for Wonder Edge low profile putting green edging. You’ll enjoy a tighter radius for getting in and out of those curvaceous spaces.

flexible putting green edging outlines area where turf will be placed

DIY putting green edging that goes down before the turf

DIY Putting Green Edging by Wonder Edge

Unlike traditional bender board for artificial turf putting greens, Wonder Edge requires no digging or trenching. Wonder Edge installs before the turf goes down and nails in place with regular turf nails.

Once you’ve done your DIY magic with the turf, simply rough-cut the edge, tuck it into the Wonder Edge slot and nail the turf in place.

Your DIY putting green project looks neat, tidy, and oh-so professional when you edge with Wonder Edge.

Make sure you incorporate the no-dig edging in your putting green design.

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