Does Pet Turf Need a Border?

turf accessories like Wonder Edge keep pet turf in place
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You need a border for your pet turf for several reasons. The pet turf border holds the substrate in place, it holds the turf in place and it prevents Ubu from chewing on the grass. It also looks good. Here’s exactly why pet turf needs a border.

pet turf border holds substrate in place

Pet Turf Border Holds Base in Place

You need a border for your pet turf to hold the material under the turf in place. Before the pet turf is installed, the surface underneath is smoothed and compacted. Additional sand or fill may be added and compacted if necessary to create a hard, smooth surface for the new turf. This substrate needs to stay in place if the pet turf is going to stay smooth and tight.

If the subsurface shifts, it ruins the integrity of the installation. That’s why it’s so important to use a border that will contain the substrate in place.  In the past, installers dug a deep trench and installed a benderboard and then backfilled to hold the board in place. Not only is this a lot of work, the benderboard might not hold the substrate in place. Now, installers can nail down a Wonder Edge pet turf border and hold the substrate in place.

Use a Border to Hold the Turf in Place

If your pet turf is installed on a slope, things can get tricky for the turf too. Always install a border for artificial turf anytime the installation is on a slope. Otherwise, over time your turf may slip and shift. It can’t get away with that if a border is nailed in place and the turf is firmly attached to the border. In the old days, installers would place a heavy timber at the base of the slope and nail the turf to the timber. That might be okay if you like the look of timbers and the turf edge is straight. These days, flexible Wonder Edge holds turf in place on any surface, sloped or level.

Protect the Edges

If your dog is a chewer, your pet turf must have a border to protect the edges. Some dogs will gnaw, chew and pull on rough turf edges. Before you know it, your pet turf lawn will be the size of a pocket square. You certainly don’t want that.

Tuck the rough cut pet turf edges into the Wonder Edge slot for a clean finish. No chewing possible. Good dog Ubu!


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