When It Comes To Turf Accessories – Does Edging Matter?

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Artificial turf requires edging to secure the base and hold turf material in place. But, does the turf edging you pick matter? Yes, it certainly does! Turf accessories to secure the edging run from bender board to Wonder Edge. What’s the difference and is one better than the other? Keep reading to find out.

poorly installed black fake lawn perimeter turf accessories flops over and leaves uneven edge

Bender Board & Edge Creep Go Hand-In-Hand

Bender Board – The Traditional Way to Edge Artificial Turf

For years, professional artificial turf installers leaned on bender board as their go-to turf accessories for securing turf edges.

Bender board provided a solid flexible edge that protected turf material edge and created a visual transition between the artificial turf and the adjacent area.

But these turf accessories came with a huge Achilles heel. To properly install bender board turf edging, the crew faced digging a deep trench, placing the bender board in the trench, then backfilling and staking the board.

Hence the problem. Skimp the trenching and over time, bender board creeps, the base seeps out, and the installation looks like garbage. Trenching requires hours of backbreaking work. In areas where the soil is hard clay or rocky, it takes even longer. This is why most trenches clocked in too shallow for success.

stamped concrete edging for artificial turf

Stamped Concete Courtesy ProTurf Solutions

Poured Concrete – The Expensive Way to Edge Artificial Turf

Poured concrete skips the trenching. However, concrete forms must be in place and secured next to the turf.

This approach provides so many ways for things to go wrong. Faulty forms result in uneven edge material or even worse – concrete seeps onto the turf.

Even when things go right, pouring concrete costs so much money. In addition, you must wait for concrete to cure. That takes forever!

Wonder Edge turf accessories keeps pet turf in place on hard surfacesWonder Edge – Turf Accessories for Easy and Secure Artificial Turf Edging

Then Wonder Edge burst onto the scene. Professional and DIY artificial turf installers across the United States discovered how easy it can be to get a professional and lasting artificial turf edge without trenching or concrete.

What sets Wonder Edge apart is the installation process. Instead of trenching and backfilling after the turf goes down, Wonder Edge installs BEFORE the turf.

Simply nail Wonder Edge in place, roll and seam the turf, then nail turf and Wonder Edge in place. You’ll even find a handy slot to hold the rough cut turf edge.

Pro crews cut edging time down by 90% with Wonder Edge. That makes it a money saver too.

Your Choice for Turf Accessories Matters

The turf accessories you use to install artificial turf matter. Wonder Edge saves time and money over bender board, poured concrete, and other methods of securing turf.

Skip building forms for concrete and trenching for bender board. Just nail Wonder Edge in place and go.


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