Don’t Forget the Wonder Edge When Ordering Artificial Lawn Supplies

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Whether you are a DIY’er ready to tackle your first artificial turf project or a seasoned pro, don’t forget the Wonder Edge when ordering your artificial lawn supplies.

This is not necessary with Wonder Edge

No Dig Alternative

Keep the benderboard out of your shopping cart and save your back. Wonder Edge doesn’t require digging or trenching.

Simply nail the artificial turf edging in place with your regular turf nails. Install the edging on top of your compacted sub-base.

That’s right – Wonder Edge goes down before the turf.

Pro installers and DIY’ers cut the install time by 90% because there is no time wasted digging benderboard trench.

Green edge artificial lawn supplies and a piece of turf

Wonderous Little Channels

Wonder Edge isn’t solid. Unlike benderboard, it is hollow and has a channel that runs the length of the edging.

Put this channel to work hiding wiring for outdoor lighting.

Also, you don’t worry about a perfectly cut edge with Wonder Edge. Simply rough cut the edge of your turf and tuck it into the Wonder Edge slot.

Easy install artificial lawn supplies clean edge

Connectors Included

Benderboard requires you to purchase stakes separately.

With Wonder Edge, you don’t ever worry about having the right number of stakes. Each piece of Wonder Edge comes complete with a handy connector.

You’ll always have the right number of connectors and never worry about coming up short. That sure makes ordering artificial lawn supplies for an installation easier.

It also eliminates emergency runs to the turf supply wholesaler because someone didn’t estimate properly.

Artificial Lawn supplies edging around a tree making a well

Stays in Place

Trying to cut corners by digging a shallow trench for your benderboard is a recipe for disaster. The force applied by the turf and the backfill will eventually push the benderboard out of place.

Pros call this edge creep.

Homeowners call the installer and complain.

Wonder Edge puts an end to edge creep. Because it was designed specifically for artificial turf installation, it nails in place with turf nails. No trench to dig, and no edge creep.

Get Wonder Edge Wherever You Get Artificial Lawn Supplies

Saving time and money with Wonder Edge is so very easy. Just add Wonder Edge to your cart when you purchase your artificial lawn supplies for your next install job.

If your supplier doesn’t carry Wonder Edge, ask them why they want you to work so hard.

Then order Wonder Edge online.

It ships quickly and you’ll be amazed at the r

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