Easy Install Pet Turf Border

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Pet turf is becoming more and more popular because it is the easy way for dog owners to have a great looking lawn and a dog at the same time. Pet turf is all about making life easy and looking good to boot. Doesn’t it make sense that the best pet turf border should also make life easy and look good too? Wonder Edge thinks so. Here’s why.

Pet turf never has brown spots like this

Pet Turf Benefits

Anyone that has ever owned a dog and had a lawn knows that dogs love grass, but grass doesn’t love dogs.

Dog urine is so high in nitrogen that it burns and kills grass. Especially when the dog urinates in the same spot continually. Or, if one dog smells the urine of another dog and needs to use the same spot just to show who’s boss.

Dogs are creatures of habit. They will run in the same area over and over and over again. Then the next day, they’ll do it some more. Grass isn’t real fond of this continual wear. Eventually it gives up trying to grow under dog paws and you are left with an ugly dirt path.

Speaking of dirt, dogs love to dig through the grass down to the dirt. The grass isn’t real fond of digging. It exposes the roots and breaks the blades. Dogs don’t care.

Pet turf solves these problems. It is permeable. Urine flows through pet turf and you can even hose it down if you want. Urine doesn’t damage the turf, so it still looks good.

Pet turf is soft under doggy paws and doesn’t wear down the way natural grass or groundcover will. No more doggy dirt paths!  And dogs can’t dig through the pet turf. So, your lawn is always green, always smooth, and always ready for a game of fetch.

pet turf border is easy to install

Wonder Edge Pet Turf Border Benefits

Pet turf makes life easy and Wonder Edge makes pet turf border easy to install. No matter the size of the area you are putting down, you’ve got to edge it. Conventional bender board requires digging and trenching. This adds hours of what can be backbreaking work to the project.

Wonder Edge pet turf border goes down with no trenching and no digging. You just install with your pet turf stakes. In less time than it takes for Fido to remove the squeaker from a new pet toy, you can have your Wonder Edge down.

Not only do you get an easy to install edge, you get a clean edge easily too. Just rough cut your turf and tuck it into the special slot for a finished look.

Get Wonder Edge Pet Turf Border

Go! Fetch! Get the Wonder Edge pet turf border and get your pet turf down before the dogs days of summer are over.

You can find Wonder Edge where ever quality pet turf products and supplies are sold. Or, order Wonder Edge online and we’ll ship it right away. Then your dog can bark at the delivery person.




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