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Are you avoiding installing artificial turf because the process of laying the turf and turf edging seems too complicated? What if you could secure the artificial lawn with a product that doesn’t require trenching and installs much faster than other common types of turf edging? Sound too good to be true? It’s not.

turf edging

Why Turf Edging is Necessary?

Whether you install a pet lawn or a putting green, that new artificial turf must stay in place. You must have a way to:

  • keep the base material from eroding,
  • prevent the turf from shifting with every step, and
  • stop your feisty puppy from chewing the edges.

Turf edging stops shifting before it starts.  It secures the turf exactly where you initially place it.

In addition, decorative turf edging is a major curb appeal booster. Some products, give you the option to choose between various colors. For example, Wonder Edge is available in black, brown, and green to complement every exterior.

Wonder Edge synthetic turf supplies are easy to install

Why Choose Wonder Edge?

Wonder Edge is a superior turf edging. The installation process doesn’t involve digging or trenching. That means it only takes 10% of the install time needed of benderboard.

Unlike benderboard, Wonder Edge is easily installed on hardscapes such as concrete, stone, brick, and asphalt where putting greens and pet lawns frequently install. When properly glued, Wonder Edge is ADA compliant for securing artificial lawn.

It’s durable too. Unlike benderboard, Wonder Edge resists damage from UV light, heat, and moisture.  Your edging lasts  longer.

                                                                        Benderboard takes time to install

What About Benderboard?

Benderboard is old news! It might have been the answer in the past, but Wonder Edge outperforms it in every way.

In ancient times people used to scrub themselves with sand! Can you imagine? But do we wash with  sand when soap is at the store? Of course not. Well, unless you are a hardcore fan of Ancient Rome. When something better comes along, we use it.

From easier installation to higher durability,  there’s no reason to use outdated benderboard when Wonder Edge is available.

How Wonder Edge Installs

Installing Wonder Edge is easy! Simply prepare the subbase for the turf install by removing grass, capping sprinkler heads, and compacting the subbase.

Lay the edging next to the turf. Use the turf nail spikes to secure it in place. Then rough cut the artificial turf and neatly tuck it in the edging, as you would tuck a blanket beneath your mattress.

No benderboards, wooden stakes, or trenching. Save 90% of the install time with  Wonder Edge and get a smooth and durable turf edging for your putting green or pet lawn.






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