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Wonder Edge turf accessories incorporate channel for hiding landscape lighting
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Don’t avoid putting in that artificial grass that you’ve been wanting because you think doing it yourself is too hard. The hardest part of installing artificial grass is preparing the base and digging a trench for the bender board edging. Now that digging and trenching for the edging is hard, but it’s not necessary. Wonder Edge makes it easy to install an artificial grass border because Wonder Edge doesn’t require trenching. It installs faster than other artificial grass borders too.  It sounds too good to be true, but it isn’t.

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Artificial Grass Requires an Artificial Grass Border

Natural grass requires a border to define the edge. It’s all about the aesthetics. The border distinguishes the lawn from the beds or hardscape elements. Borders for natural grass don’t stop the grass from growing and they don’t keep the lawn from creeping away. They are a “nice to have” item.

Artificial grass requires a border to keep the turf in place. The artificial grass border multi-tasks. It performs several functions at a time. And it must do so while looking good.

The job of the artificial grass border is to:

  • Stop base erosion
  • Eliminate turf shiting
  • Protect the artificial turf edging from damage

Without a border, artificial turf shifts with every footstep. Over time, the turf wouldn’t be where you originally installed it. Wonder Edge artificial grass border allows you to literally nail your turf and edging in place. Turf edging stops shifting before it starts.  It secures the turf exactly where you initially place it. Your turf isn’t going anywhere.

Because Wonder Edge comes in black, brown, and green, it provides a decorative edge as well. Pick a color that complements or contrasts with the rest of the landscape

Wonder Edge artificial grass border installation image

Wonder Edge Installs Fast and Lasts

Wonder Edge artificial grass border installs without digging or trenching. You get the edge down fast. That means you spend less time working on the turf and more time enjoying it. You get 90% more time because Wonder Edge goes down in 10% of the time of bender board.

Wonder Edge quickly installs on concrete, stone, brick, and asphalt too. Follow the glue-down installation directions and your artificial turf border will provide ADA compliance for securing artificial lawn material.

You’ll enjoy a great-looking edge for years to come as well.  Wonder Edge resists doesn’t fade in the sunlight and it stands up to heat and moisture too.

Buy Wonder Edge online or where you buy your artificial grass lawn materials. Ditch the digging and get the Wonder Edge edge.

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