Essential Synthetic Turf Supplies: Turf Edging

brown fake grass edging curves around fake grass
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As the quest for more sustainable landscapes continues, people are taking a second look at synthetic turf. While some struggle along the organic path to green spaces, others realize that synthetic turf makes an ecofriendly option. Creating a lasting turf installation requires a few essential synthetic turf supplies. And the most important in your turf edging.

Synthetic Turf Edging in Green

The Importance of Turf Edging

Synthetic turf edging creates well-defined borders for synthetic grass. Edging prevents the turf material from moving and stops fraying before it starts.

No installation is complete without edging. It’s the synthetic turf supply that supplies a smooth, finished edge and transition between turf and non-turf.

synthetic turf supplies to be used for edging lawn sitting out of boxThe Problem with Most Synthetic Turf Edging

Until the invention of Wonder Edge, most synthetic turf installers relied on bender board to create the border for their turf projects.

The problem with this approach is few installation crews take the time to install the bender board properly. Bender board requires creating a deep trench around the turf area and then backfilling once the bender board is in place.

Most crews don’t trench deep enough. They cut corners with a shallow trench and rely in backfill to hold the edging in place.

The result? Edge creep. The edge starts to sag and fall over. The turf base erodes out and the whole thing becomes a mess.

What starts as one of the most essential turf supplies morphs into one of the most common turf problems.

installing edging for DIY putting green suppliesThe Answer to the Synthetic Turf Edging Dilemma

The inventor of Wonder Edge faced the same problem as other turf installers.  How to create a smooth and aesthetically pleasing transition and keep the edging in place.

The answer lies in thinking outside of the box.

Unlike other edging that goes down after the turf, Wonder Edge artificial turf edging goes down first.

That’s right! Nail Wonder Edge in place before you lay the turf. Simply nail the turf edging in place using the same nails you use for the turf. Then, lay the turf and rough cut the edges.

Wonder Edge supplies a slot for the edge, so tuck that edge in and nail the turf in place.

Synthetic Turf Supplies Q&A – Turf Edging

Does Wonder Edge Require Maintenance?  While the turf edging itself does not require regular upkeep, occasional maintenance may be needed. If the edging is dusty, you may want to hose it down when you hose off the turf.

Is Installing Synthetic Turf and Edging a DIY Project?  Installing synthetic turf and edging can be a DIY project with the right tools, skills, and materials. However, seeking professional help may be advisable for large projects.

Where Can I Find Synthetic Turf Supplies? You are looking at the best place to find your synthetic turf supplies – the internet. Or, if you prefer to shop in person, you’ll find supplies at your local artificial turf and lawn store.



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