Fake Grass Accessories for Install and Maintenance

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Pet turf, putting green, or artificial grass. No matter what you call it, you’ve got to accessorize it. Seriously, there’s nothing fake about these fake grass accessories. They make the job of installing and maintaining artificial turf much easier.

Plate Compactor

Okay, when it comes install time, a motorized plate compactor is more a must have than an accessory. Before the turf is unrolled, you must compress the soil and aggregate. Doing it by hand takes time and lots of energy.

A motorized plate contractor exerts way more force than your arms ever will. A small unit smashes at around 2,000 pounds of force and the extra large dudes exert closer to 5,000 pounds of force.

One of the most common reasons for a fake grass install to fail is poor substrate preparation.

Whether you are using plain soil or a combination of soil, aggregate and sand tamp it down with a plate compactor.

DIY’ers will find a unit to rent at most tool rental outfits or the tool rental section of the local big box store.

fake grass accessories include turf edging

Fake Grass Edging

You can’t just leave those turf edges bare. Exposed turf edges won’t last long. Before you know it the whole install falls apart.

You gotta get edging. And when it comes to fake grass edging, you gotta get Wonderedge. Unlike bender board, Wonderedge doesn’t require trenching.

After all that compacting, who wants to come back with a shovel or pick and dig a trench? No one!

Just place the Wonderedge at the edge of the turf, nail in place with your regular turf nails and then lay the turf. Rough cut the edge, tuck it into the Wonderedge slot, nail in place and you are done. And Wonderedge stays put so your install won’t be undone. This product should be in the Fake Grass Accessories Hall of Fame.

Fake Grass Power Broom

Everything’s better with more power! Even cleaning the fake grass. Use a power broom to quickly remove debris from your turf.

It’s not for cleaning pet waste, but for leaves, sand, dirt and other debris it rocks.

Look for a model that’s light enough not to strain your arms but powerful enough to pick up the most common debris on your lawn.

A leaf blower is an alternative, but the blower just moves debris from one spot to another. A fake grass power broom actually removes the debris so you it won’t return.

You don’t need these with fake grass

Other Miscellaneous Fake Grass Accessories

Depending on how you use the fake grass you may need other maintenance accessories. This includes

  • cup flags for putting greens
  • odor neutralizer for pet lawns
  • turf rake for all installations

You’ll also want to keep a garden hose handy for periodically hosing down the turf to keep  it looking natural and green.



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