Fake Grass Accessories That Are No Joke

DIY putting green and golf balls
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Fake grass requires minimum maintenance. But it does require maintenance. Here are 3 fake grass accessories that are no joke. Get real and get these tools to keep your fake grass looking great.

brown Wonder Edge fake grass accessories and tan flagstone

No Trench No Creep Edging

Ack! Avoid wasting endless hours trenching for edging. Skip the bender board and go straight for the Wonder Edge.

Wonder Edge offers a no-dig, no-trench solution for fake grass edging. It stays where you put it. Edge your pet lawn, putting green, and tree wells with Wonder Edge, and get confidence knowing you won’t need to repair the edge.

While others spend time every year or two fixing edgings that creep and refilling eroded bases, you’ll sit back and relax. Wonder Edge will not move until you move it.

short haired brown dog with a garden hose

Lightweight, Durable Garden Hose

This bad boy quickly becomes the workhorse in the fake grass accessories tool chest. Use the garden hose for everything from spraying off dust and small leaves to diluting and rinsing spilled beverages and pet urine.

Pick a hose that won’t kink and provides enough length to cover the fake grass area. Some people swear by the expandable hoses because they are light. But they won’t last many years. Others like rubber and plastic hoses. Always look for UV resistance if you go this route.

Believe it or not, The Spruce recommends a stainless steel hose as their top pick for durable and lightweight hoses. Unfortunately, this hose only comes in 50-foot lengths.

Simple Green fake grass accessories for cleaning fake grass

Safe Cleaning Solution

You won’t find yourself cleaning natural turf, but you will mow, fertilize, and water regularly. On the other hand, you’ll never mow, fertilize, or water fake grass but you will clean it every year or so.

Depending on your climate and use, your fake grass requires at least an annual cleaning. Don’t fall for the blogs telling you to use vinegar and water or baking soda and water. These solutions damage the turf.

Use Simple Green and follow their instructions for cleaning fake grass. Keep Simple Green on hand and clean up after pets and wild parties. Both leave messes.

Fake Grass Accessories Are Essential

Low maintenance does not equal no maintenance. Start with edging that never needs repair, then keep your turf clean with a garden hose and Simple Green.

Just a trio of basic synthetic lawn supplies provides everything you need to keep your turf looking and smelling great.

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