Fake Grass Accessories to Install and Maintain Turf

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Artificial turf, fake grass, synthetic lawn, pet law, putting green turf, or Astroturf. No matter what you call it when it comes to not-real grass, you still need to maintain it. From the initial edging to the regular maintenance, here are the real fake grass accessories you need to keep turf looking great.

Wonder Edge fake grass accessories for edging turf shown in brown

Fake Grass Accessories for Installation

From pet lawns to putting greens, great-looking fake grass begins with a quality installation. And a quality installation always begins and ends with Wonder Edge.

Wonder Edge is the artificial grass border that doesn’t require digging or trenching. Unlike bender board or other artificial turf edgings, you put Wonder Edge in place before you lay the turf. Just go around the edge and nail the Wonder Edge in place.

Use the name turf nails that you’ll use to install the turf. Then, once the turf is down, rough cut the turf, tuck it into the special Wonder Edge slot, and nail it in place.

flexible artificial lawn border makes turf install easier

Nail Wonder Edge in place with turf nails

Easy peasy.

There’s even Wonder Edge low-profile artificial turf edging for hard surface installation.

Either way, the turf stays installed, you end up with a neat, clean edge, and the install finishes in record time. Some Wonder Edge products are even ADA compliant.

Find Wonder Edge at your artificial turf supplier or order Wonder Edge online.

You don’t need these with fake grass

Real Accessories for Maintaining Fake Grass

Fake grass requires less maintenance than real grass, but it isn’t maintenance-free.  You won’t need a lawn mower, edger, weed eater, or fertilizer spreader, but you’ll still need a few lawn maintenance tools.

Leaf Blower

If you don’t have a leaf blower, get one. A leaf blower literally makes it a breeze to blow off leaves, twigs, and other debris that the wind brings in. Unless your entire neighborhood is filled with evergreen trees, you’ll still get the occasional leaf.

Broom or Rake

Hang on to your broom as well. And if you don’t have a broom, get a good artificial turf broom. Even the toughest synthetic turf gets trampled over time. Every few months go out with a rake or a push broom and restore the turf blades to their upright position.  We recommend synthetic bristles for your synthetic turf. A straw broom just doesn’t have the restorative power of synthetic bristles.

Focus on the areas used by people and pets. The areas most often used are the first to get tramped down (just like real grass).

a woman using a hose to clean synthetic turf

Hose with Sprayer

The most important piece of fake grass maintenance equipment to own is a good garden hose with a spray attachment. Hose the turf down to remove pet urine and stains from spilled liquids and beverages.

If the turf gets dusty during very dry spells, hose the turf off to remove dust and restore the green luster.

Start Right and It’s a Breeze

Close attention to detail during the synthetic turf installation makes maintenance easier over the years. No matter what type of fake grass accessories you buy, always get the real deal when it comes to edging.

If your edging fails, the install fails, and you have nothing to maintain.

Great edging holds turf tightly in place, doesn’t creep, and makes maintenance a breeze. Blow off the leaves, broom to agitate blades, and hose off occasionally.


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