Fake Grass Edging The Easy Way

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Let’s face it, preparing for the installation of synthetic grass is harder than laying the fake grass itself. What if you discovered a fake grass edging alternative that cuts out work? Would you be interested?

Site prep provides a solid base upon which to install. Sure, but man it is work. By the time crews finish site prep and lay, seam, and nail the turf, they are tired. Start trenching for bender board now and you’ll often end up with a shallow trench. That shallow trench spells doom. Edge creep, base erosion, and eventually the fake grass will bunch, shift, and wrinkle. All that hard work for nothing.

fake grass edging to be used for edging lawn sitting out of boxFake Grass Edging That Goes Down First

Meet Wonder Edge fake grass edging. This is the turf edging that goes down before you cut the first piece of fake grass material.

With Wonder Edge, as soon as the base is compacted, you simply outline the perimeter with Wonder Edge, nail it in place using regular turf nails, and then lay and seam your turf.

installing artificial turfCut, Tuck, and Go

Imagine rough cutting your turf edges, tucking them into a slot, and nailing the turf in place. In a Wonder Edge world, the edging workload reduces tremendously.

Because you nail Wonder Edge fake grass edging in place before the turf goes down, it acts as an anchor for your installation.

Then, as you lay and stretch the turf, you simply cut the turf at the edge, tuck the rough edge into the special Wonder Edge slot, then nail the turf in place.

Now, once the turf is down, most of the work is done. Forget trenching at this stage, lay down your shovel. Now, you gain more time for infilling and other final steps and you forget about digging a deep trench for bender board.

synthetic turf supplies outline pet lawn at bottom of white staircaseDo More and Do It Faster

In any business, time is money. The more efficiently crews work, the more they get done in a day.

Make Wonder Edge fake grass edging part of your installation process and cut edging time by 90%. Complete more jobs each month.

Find Wonder Edge where you buy your synthetic turf supplies or buy Wonder Edge online.


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Wonder Edge Fake lawn perimeter installed on hardscape around fake grass and planters