Fake Lawn Perimeter Ideas – Wonder Edge or Bender Board?

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When it comes to installing artificial turf, choosing the right fake lawn perimeter material is crucial for a flawless finish and long-lasting durability. Two popular options often considered are Wonder Edge and Bender Board. Both define the edges of your fake lawn, but they come with different pros and cons. Which makes the best perimeter? Let’s see.

synthetic turf supplies outline pet lawn at bottom of white staircaseWonder Edge: The Innovative Fake Lawn Perimeter Edging


Wonder Edge offers an innovative solution that speeds up artificial turf installations. Here’s what makes Wonder Edge stand out.


Easy Installation

Professionals and DIY’ers love the Wonder Edge’s simple, straightforward installation process. Each segment easily snaps into place. It eliminates the need for time-consuming digging and trenching. This means you save both time and effort.

Wonder Edge Fake lawn perimeter installed on hardscape around fake grass and plantersClean, Professional Finish

Once Wonder Edge lawn perimeter is in place, you enjoy a clean, professional finish to your lawn. The unique design keeps the edges of the turf neatly tucked in, reducing turf shifting or fraying. This polished look adds to the aesthetic appeal of the artificial lawn.


Exceptional Durability

Wonder Edge is crafted from high-quality materials, making it incredibly durable. It stands up to harsh weather conditions, including heavy rain, extreme heat, and freezing temperatures. More durability means a longer lifespan for your artificial lawn.

brown Wonder Edge fake lawn perimeter against planter bed with tan flagstone stepping stoneVersatility

Wonder Edge offers regular and low-profile options. So, you choose the one that best suits your specific project. Install on any surface, including hardscapes.  The tight radius of a tree well may present problems for other fake lawn perimeters, but not Wonder Edge. There’s even an ADA-compliant option.



Wonder Edge may cost slightly more up-front compared to other perimeter materials, its long-term durability and low maintenance requirements make it very cost-effective in the long run.


poorly installed black fake lawn perimeter falling over

Bender Board: The Traditional Fake Lawn Perimeter


Bender Board, also known as landscape edging, served as the go-to option for the perimeter of artificial lawns for many years. While it lacks the innovations of Wonder Edge, it comes with its own merits.



Bender Board offers a more budget-friendly option compared to Wonder Edge. However, this only considers the cost of materials. If you are paying for labor, the cost will probably be off-set by higher labor costs for Bender Board. This material takes 90% longer to install. It requires extensive digging and trenching for proper installation.  If you’re working with a tight budget, this could be a compelling reason to consider it for your artificial lawn project.


You’ll find Bender Board at most home improvement stores and garden centers. It comes in different lengths.  This makes it a convenient choice for DIY enthusiasts.


Comparing the Two

Now let’s compare Wonder Edge and Bender Board side-by-side.


Wonder Edge offers a hassle-free installation process making it a quicker and more user-friendly option. Bender Board, while not overly complex, requires considerable effort and manual labor to install properly. Unfortunately, this means Bender Board often gets installed improperly.


Aesthetic Appeal

Wonder Edge provides a sleek and modern finish to lawns, providing a polished look. Bender Board offers a more natural appearance for a rustic feel.



Wonder Edge clearly outperforms Bender Board in terms of durability. It withstands extreme weather conditions and won’t creep out of place over time. This contributes to a longer lifespan for your fake lawn.



Bender Board costs less upfront, but Wonder Edge installs faster and lasts longer. Once you factor in labor for installation, maintenance, and replacement costs, Wonder Edge emerges as the clear winner.

artifical turf in the shadeBuying Wonder Edge


Find Wonder Edge where fake lawn turf and supplies are sold. Specialty artificial turf suppliers should have it on hand. If not, you can always order Wonder Edg

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Wonder Edge Fake lawn perimeter installed on hardscape around fake grass and planters