Finding DIY Putting Green Supplies: A Beginner’s Guide

hand placing golf ball on a DIY putting green
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If you’re building your own putting green, you’ll need to gather the necessary DIY putting green supplies together before you get started. The amount of materials required depends on the size of your project. Knowing what to look for is one job, but where should you look for putting green supplies for a DIY project?

DIY putting green supplies list for shoppingKey DIY Putting Green Supplies

Creating a backyard putting green compares to creating a gourmet dinner. Start by making a shopping list of everything you need for your project. Your list probably includes these items at a minimum:

Synthetic Putting Green Turf

The synthetic turf provides the visible layer of your putting green is the turf itself. Synthetic turf provides a consistent surface for your practice. Consider factors like pile height and material quality. Look for products that closely mimic the feel of a real putting green.

Base Materials

The heart of a putting green lies underneath the turf fabric. A good base provides a foundation for your DIY project. And that foundation contributes longevity to your putting green. Select from materials like crushed stone, decomposed granite, or gravel to create a stable foundation. These materials allow for proper drainage and prevent the turf from shifting over time.

DIY putting green and golf ballsPutting Green Cups and Flags

It’s not a putting green without a hole for the ball. Don’t forget the cups and flags. These items offer a fun way to personalize your DIY putting green project and actually enhance your practice sessions. Choose from one of the many sizes and designs for your flags.

Adhesive and Seam Tape

Your putting green may require more than one piece of turf. Seams must disappear into the putting surface to avoid interfering with ball play. Adhesive and seam tape bond the sections of turf together, creating a seamless surface for your putting practice. If your DIY putting green is outside, select an adhesive that can stand up to outdoor weather.

DIY putting green supplies 4 holes for backyard practiceEdging Material

Like the base materials, your choice of edging materials plays a crucial role in maintaining the integrity and longevity of your putting green.  Wonder Edge provides a clean and durable finish to your DIY putting green and installs with less effort than other DIY options.

Where to Find Your Putting Green Supplies

It would be awesome if all DIY putting green supplies came from the same place. Your artificial turf retailer probably offers these products:

  • Turf
  • Adhesive
  • Tape
  • Turf Nails
  • Wonder Edge

If the retailer doesn’t carry Wonder Edge, you can order it online. Do not waste time and effort with bender board or products that require digging and trenching.

Go to the local sporting goods store to find your putting green flags and cups. You may also find these items online from marketplaces like Amazon or specialty online retailers. The specialty guys offer those personalized flags.

Depend on a local building materials supplier or landscape materials supplier for your base foundation material. Your local equipment rental company should offer a compactor to make creating the base much easier.

wonder edge artificial turf accessories speed the install and get you on the course quicklyDIY Putting Green Supplies Hours of Fun, So Go For It!

Building your own DIY putting green offers an opportunity to complete a project that elevates your golfing skills, provides hours of fun, and can help you handle stress. So don’t stress about finding the right supplies. Make a list, check it twice, and get out there. The time spent gathering supplies and completing the installation is small compared to the enjoyment you’ll have for years to come.


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