Gather Artificial Turf Accessories for Speedy Install

shovels and picks for preparing area for artificial turf
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Just preparing a site for artificial turf installation is a job. When it comes time to install the turf, don’t you want it to be as easy as possible? Make sure to have the right artificial turf accessories on hand for the speediest install. DIY’ers enjoy the finished product faster and pros get to the next job faster.

huge roll of seam tapeSeam Tape

Chances are your roll of turf isn’t the exact size as the area you are covering. Nothing in life is ever that easy. So you’ll need to join one or more pieces of turf together.

Using seam tape and glue is the most effective way to bind pieces of artificial turf together. Buy seam tape in rolls that range from 13 feet to over 600 feet.

Pick a tape that’s sealed to keep glue from bleeding through (more on glue later). Opt for a multi-layer tape. It provides better tensile strength for better seaming.

You’ll find seam tape in green or white. The color doesn’t matter because you are going to seam so tightly it doesn’t show.  Right?

artificial turf accessories like seam glue make job go faster

Seam Glue

Seam tape doesn’t work alone. Glue is it’s partner. Attach the seam tape and then apply seam glue. The amount of time it takes for the glue to activate from the moisture in the air depends on humidity levels. Real pros know they can speed this process along with a little spray mist bottle filled with water. Now you know too. Most seam glue gets tacky within 10 minutes.

Turf Nails

You need turf nails to hold seams in place while the glue cures. Turf nails also hold edges in place. Figure one 5″ nail every two to three feet in the center and every three to six inches on the perimeter.

Galvanized or coated nails are nice, but not necessary. Once the outer layer oxidizes, the process stops. These nails aren’t going to rust through.

artifical turf accessories  - edging and turf nails

Turf Nails Holding Edging in Place

Now when it comes to your putting green, a 5″ nail is too big. Get yourself 3″ finishing nails for around the cups. The smaller head of the 3″ nail is much easier to hide in the dense turf used on putting greens.

The King of Artificial Turf Accessories – Wonder Edge

Don’t forget the edging. It’s the cherry on top, the icing on the cake, and the finishing touch to your artificial turf install.

Wonder Edge synthetic turf supplies are easy to install

           Wonder Edge

Stop trenching and start nailing Wonder Edge in place. Unlike Bender Board that requires digging, trenching, and backfilling Wonder Edge nails in place.

Rough cut your edge, tuck it in, nail the turf in place and you are done.

Clean and fast. Start with the right artificial turf accessories and you end quickly.




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