Good Lawn Edging for Artificial Grass Doesn’t Creep

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A last year, we took a rather silly look at alternative lawn edging for artificial grass. We suggested funny things like flamingos and serious things like bender board. When assessing the positive and negative qualities of these alternatives, we didn’t discuss creepiness. Who wants a creepy lawn edging? No one.

Creeping Lawn Edging

Lawn edging for artificial grass isn’t the only lawn edging that can creep. You see edging for traditional lawns creep too.

With traditional lawns, the trench can’t hold the ground in place. It’s just not deep enough. So, soil shifts over time and the edging bulges, heaves, and even starts to flop over.

It’s even worse with artificial grass.

With traditional artificial grass lawn edging like bender board, first you trench deep then you secure the artificial turf. The edging needs to be nailed in place as well.

Installers do all this in addition to preparing the substrate and laying the turf.  What usually happens is the edging doesn’t go down properly, the substrate shifts and the entire installation fails.

Who wants to putt on a green that isn’t taut? No one.

Sense a pattern here?

Solving the Creeping Problem

So, no matter the lawn type you don’t want it creeping.

How do you solve the problem without resorting to flamingos?

Use a pick and shovel and use the right technique. Like this:


Use a pick to loosen compact, clay soil. If you are trenching in a rocky area, keep the pick handy as well. Otherwise, use a trenching spade. Follow the ramp and excavate process.

Only once your trench is deep enough for the edging sides do you start the install. If you are using the common roll top edging, only expose the rolled top.  Nail in place.

Wow that’s a LOT of back breaking work. Surely there’s an easier way? Glad you asked. There is.

Wonder Edge Lawn Edging for Artificial Grass

If you’re edging natural turf and want to use bender board or rolled top edging, you’re just going to need to trench.

Or use flamingos. But if you are edging an artificial lawn you’re in luck.  Just edge with Wonder Edge.

Designed specifically for artificial turf, this miracle lawn edging doesn’t require trenching or flamingos.

Wonder Edge lawn edging for artificial grass, pet turf, and putting greens goes down on top of the substrate.

Just prepare the surface for the turf as normal. Now, go back and lay down your Wonder Edge edging and nail in place with your turf nails.

Wonder Edge Lawn Edging for Artificial Grass on top of gravel

Now you can lay the turf in place, rough cut the edge and tuck in the Wonder Edge slot. Finish nailing the turf in place and you are done.

The Wonder Edge pieces are flexible. Bend them how you want, connect them to create runs as long as you need.

Wonder Edge won’t creep. It won’t heave with freezing and thawing. No trenching required.

This edging isn’t going anywhere. No creeping, no problem.

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