Guide to Lawn Edging for Artificial Grass

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When it comes to picking lawn edging for artificial grass, you want something that offers availability, flexibility, and easy installation.

The best options stay where you put them and look clean and neat for years.

The lawn edging for artificial grass installations is more than just a pretty edge.  It plays a key part in a quality installation.

timbers are one fake lawn perimeter idea

Impractical Lawn Edging

Landscape timbers find their way into many landscapes. They offer a natural-looking option for edging.

But landscape timbers won’t hold your artificial turf in place. Talk about your edge creep and turf creep. Both turf, edging, and your substrate wouldn’t last long with landscape timbers.

Ditto for those railroad ties too. They might have been all the rage once upon a time, but that time has gone. Besides, they aren’t practical for artificial grass.

And while many are big fans of those big pink flamingos, they aren’t practical either. Live flamingos won’t stay still. Plus they poop. And, you must feed them.

Plastic flamingos can only work if you can get the “spikes” on their legs through the artificial grass backing to hold the turf in place. They certainly don’t replace turf nails. While plastic flamingos won’t fly away, they may creep and they certainly won’t last for long.

Save the flamingos for the flower beds, okay?

Wonder Edge lawn edging for artificial grass and mulch

Durable Lawn Edging for Artificial Grass

Wonder Edge is the practical alternative to flamingos and landscape timbers. All joking aside, artificial grass edging must hold the turf in place and create and smooth border.

Once installed, the edging must stay in place and stand up to the elements.

Wonder Edge excels in durability. It is ultraviolet light resistant. It will last for many years through sun and rain.

low profile lawn edging for artificial grass around a tree well and landscape lights

Flexible Lawn Edging Perfect for Tree Wells

Tree wells can be, well tricky with artificial grass installations.

The edging must be flexible enough to bend to create the well, but strong enough to hold turf in place without creeping.

Wonder Edge low-profile lawn edging for artificial grass excels when it comes to tree wells.

fake grass accessories like borders keep edges looking clean

The edging flexes to outline the well before the grass is installed. Simply nail the edging in place with your turf nails.

Once the turf is down, you can simply rough cut the turf edge. Because Wonder Edge provides a slot for the turf edge, there’s no need to be neat or exact. Simply cut, slot, and nail the turf in place with your regular turf nails.

Now your tree well is edged, the turf is finished, and the installation won’t creep or suffer from shifting soil under the turf.

Find Wonder Edge Lawn Edging Where You Find Your Artificial Grass

Stop digging and stop trenching.

Start Wonder Edging with Wonder Edge. Buy your lawn edging online direct from the manufacturer or find it wherever you buy your artificial grass supplies.


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Wonder Edge Fake lawn perimeter installed on hardscape around fake grass and planters