How to Install a Pet Turf Perimeter

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Artificial turf provides a great space for your pet to walk and play. Whether you install it on dirt or concrete, Wonder Edge makes a pet turf perimeter product for you. Both options install easily. Here is how.

This is not an efficient sod cutter

Prepare the Subbase for Installation over Soil

First you’ll want to remove all the grass and rocks in the area. This is important to create a smooth surface for the subbase.

Next, cap off any sprinkler heads. You won’t be needing that irrigation system any longer.

Add about 2 to 3 inches of material for the subbase. Water it in and then compact the subbase. The more attention you pay to the base prep, the better your results.

Prepare the Concrete for Hardscape Installation

Make sure the concrete surface is smooth and level. If you have a drainage problem, fix it before the pet turf installation. Otherwise, you’ll always fight pet odors. Drill drainage holes in the concrete if necessary.

A foam underlayment may make the surface softer to pet paws.

man in straw hat bent down installing Wonder Edge pet turf perimeterLay the Wonder Edge Pet Turf Perimeter

That’s right, you put the pet turf perimeter in place before the turf goes down. Forget digging and trenching.

For installation over the soil, simply take your turf nails and nail the Wonder Edge in a place where you don’t have a hard edge. Use your regular turf nails to hold the Wonder Edge in place.

For hardscape installation, simply glue your Wonder Edge in place. Allow it to dry.

Wonder Edge artificial grass border installation imageLay the Pet Turf

Now you are ready to lay your turf.

Roll out your turf and seam if necessary. Now here’s another great thing about Wonder Edge.

It provides a slot for your edge. So, just rough cut the edge, tuck it into the Wonder Edge slot and then nail or glue the turf in place as normal.

Add your infill, brush it in with a broom or rake and you are good to go!

Easiest Pet Turf Perimeter Around

Don’t sweat edging your pet lawn. Just use Wonder Edge and install it faster than you can imagine. Since no digging or trenching is involved, you save time.

Since you don’t need to worry about how the edges look, you simply make a quick rough cut. That saves time too.

Wonder Edge holds the pet turf in place securely. Your pet’s paws are safe because there are no sharp edges.

Want to see it in action?  Check out this video


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