Low Profile Artificial Grass Border Beats Bender Board

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Every artificial grass installation requires a border. There are sometimes you just can’t beat a Wonder Edge low profile artificial grass border. Whether you need a border for a hardscape installation, or the plan requires tree well, the Wonder Edge low profile border beats bender board every time.

low profile artificial grass border and soil

Low Profile Artificial Grass Border for Tree Wells

Quite often, an artificial grass installation doesn’t remove all vegetation from an area. It’s common for flower beds and mature trees to remain.

If you don’t mind digging, trenching, and using a pickaxe, then bender board works for edging flower beds. It simply requires back-breaking labor.

But bender board isn’t well suited for tree wells.

As discussed in the post on why tree wells are necessary for artificial grass, you should never install the artificial turf right up to the trunk of a tree. The roots need bare soil and access to oxygen and water for healthy trees.

Digging deep enough to create a space for bender board will damage roots. Goodbye healthy tree. And, if you don’t trench deep enough for the bender board, the edging will creep and the well will fail ruining the entire artificial grass installation.

low profile artificial grass border next to tree well

The Wonder Edge Difference

Wonder Edge’s low profile artificial grass border doesn’t require digging or trenching like bender board. You nail the Wonder Edge in place before the turf is installed and then just cut, tuck, and nail the turf in place.

Because the low profile border offers greater flexibility, you easily match any curve you need, no matter the radius of the well.  And, because you don’t need to trench, you’ll avoid damaging tree roots. Happy tree, happy installer, happy property owner. Everybody is happy

low profile artificial grass border on hardscape installation

Low Profile Artificial Grass Border for Hard Scape Installation

Not every artificial grass installation goes down on a bed of compacted soil or gravel.

It’s not uncommon for artificial grass to provide a touch of green to hardscape installations like cement or brick.

Now, how are you going to dig a trench for that bender board when the turf is on cement?

You aren’t!

But Wonder Edge’s low profile artificial grass border glues down as well as it nails down. Just glue your Wonder Edge in place and then complete your installation.

And unlike other artificial grass borders, the Wonder Edge low profile product is ADA compliant.

The border goes down quickly, holds turf in place securely, looks excellent, and keeps you in compliance.

Bender board just can’t compete.



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